Phiten titanium necklace test during pregnancy

The element titanium is actually known for being a stable, yet very light metal. It is therefore often used in frame construction. The fact that in ionized form it can also have a positive effect on the flow of energy in humans may be new to some. At least the manufacturer "Phiten" claims this mode of action. I personally tested whether there is actually something to it.

Description: Ionized titanium is supposed to bring the flow of energy in the body in an orderly manner, whereby complaints are alleviated or even remedied. The general sense of well-being should be improved. But this is nowhere really explained exactly. Not even on the manufacturer's side.

Products: The ionized titanium comes in the form of necklaces, bracelets, plasters, bandages and balms.

Design: The necklace tested, among others, is made of black fabric with the Phiten logo on it. The closure is made of plastic. Not exactly stylish, but rather sporty or functional. The plasters are kept in the classic brown and are provided with the Phiten logo. The support for the Achilles tendon is black and partially equipped with small knobs.

Fit: The necklace can be worn very inconspicuously. Because of the material (fabric) you can hardly feel it. However, the clasp tends to always center on the chest. The bandage is very thin and can therefore easily be worn under normal running socks. It fits well and does not wrinkle. The patches feel like normal patches. The massage lotion is a white gel that is easy to apply.

Effect: It is really difficult for me to write something about the effect because it cannot be proven (if there is any improvement in the symptoms). Ok, I have this problem with medication too. But Phiten pretends to be a miracle drug, then I expect miracles too. In my case, however, there was at most a slight improvement. Shortly after wearing the collar and bandage for a few days, my Achilles tendon pain eased a little. This could be imaginary, of course, or simply the result of some natural healing process. However, it was far too little for a miracle. So I can't say much about effects other than that I didn't have any miracles.

Prices: The necklace tested here costs € 20, the bandage also € 20, the plasters (50 pieces) € 15 and the massage lotion € 17. However, these are all just entry-level prices. Phiten offers significantly more expensive products (up to € 260) in the shop. In my opinion, not exactly little money for that little bit of material, even if you consider the effort involved in integrating the titanium.

Conclusion: Never before has a product given me so much headache when writing a conclusion. I didn't have a really big and noticeable effect. But can I rate the product negatively because of that? I don't know because others swear by it. Maybe the positive effect just didn't happen to me. Did I not believe in it? No, I gave Phiten a chance. Sure, I was a little skeptical. But who is not? But if it only works as a placebo, then it is too expensive (although there is less belief in cheap remedies). But since I had had complaints for a long time (inflamed Achilles tendon and pain in the lumbar spine), I believed in everything and reached for this straw. But without success. There was only a slight improvement, but it could also be due to the natural healing process. So just moneymaking after all? Possible. Mainly because I cannot find any information about the exact mode of action of the products or Phiten in general on the manufacturer's website. Instead, it is advertised with celebrities who wear or use the products in public. There is also a study, which (according to critics on the Internet) was allegedly commissioned by Phiten himself and is therefore not necessarily meaningful. But what is my conclusion now? Well, I did not feel a real effect or improvement. Sometimes faith is supposed to move mountains. Unfortunately my mountain is still in the same place. Phiten products may help others. But not me. Therefore, my conclusion is: questionable and not really proven mode of action. Avoiding farmer trapping? I don't want to commit myself to that. Homeopathy is also questioned and yet many report unbelievable successes, while others notice no improvement. Therefore everyone has to find out for themselves whether Phiten works for them or if it is just nonsense. At a certain level of desperation, you reach for every straw and no longer look at the money. Probably this is exactly what the manufacturers of such products use, because the material value is certainly only a fraction of the sales price. In itself not reprehensible, as long as the product halfway delivers what it promises. Since Phiten does not really comment on this, they are fine. In any case, the myth of the “miracle cure ionized titanium” persists, even if I personally doubt it.

PS: Wikipedia has its own entry for “Phiten”, in which the product is described in a very critical way.