Who are 5sos management contract


Administrative and advisory bodies

1. Board of Directors

The General Director of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANK) is appointed by the King on the proposal of the Government. In order to ensure FANK's day-to-day management, he is supported by department heads (facilities and waste, safety and transport, health and the environment, support).

2. Board of Directors

Chair: Jihane Annane

Members: Thierry Bastin, Marc Boeykens, Philippe Bouko, Emmanuelle Dardenne, Johan De Haes, Toon Dirckx, Joost Germis, Joeri Hens, Martial Pardoen, Frederik Pirard, Mathieu Raedts, Annelies Vandevelde and Sven Vaneycken.

Government commissioner

Thomas Sterckx

Examination Board

Chairman: Sven Vaneycken

Members: Philippe Bouko, Marc Boeykens and Mathieu Raedts

Strategy Committee

Chairman: Martial Pardoen

Members: Thierry Bastin, Joost Germis and Toon Dirckx

3. Scientific Council on Ionizing Radiation

The Scientific Council is an independent body whose members are appointed by the government and have expertise in nuclear matters. Among other things, they provide statements on permits for large nuclear facilities (Class I facilities) from.

Technical subsidiary organization Bel V

On September 23, 2019, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANK) andBel V a management contract. This management contract defines the tasks that FANK delegates to Bel V, the terms of this delegation and the control that FANK exercises over the proper performance of these delegated tasks.


The change to the AOSIS of December 6, 2018 not only includes a profound revision of the on-site control activities, but also provided the necessary legal basis for the transfer of the tasks to Bel V.

This Royal Decree clearly stipulates which control tasks can be delegated from FANK to Bel V ​​and defines their practical modalities. It also provides for FANK and Bel V ​​to conclude a management contract to substantiate this decree.

Management contract

In accordance with the royal decree of December 6, 2018, the management contract signed by the chairmen and general directors of FANK and Bel V ​​regulates the following aspects:

  1. the procedures for creating, approving, amending, and monitoring the annual security control and assessment plan;
  2. cooperation and support in the framework of the Agency's activities;
  3. the creation of strategic and operational plans;
  4. the management system and competence management;
  5. the practical arrangements for the Agency's monitoring of Bel V.

Since the management contract mainly formalizes existing practices related to the security control of Class I and IIA facilities, the impact on day-to-day operations is limited.

Since Bel V ​​was founded in 2008, there has been close cooperation with FANK's Facilities and Waste Department. There are several common procedures, contacts between the Facilities and Waste Department and Bel V ​​are frequent, and the two parties complement each other in carrying out their control duties. Recently, Bel V's control tasks have also been expanded to include the monitoring of internal transport at the various locations. This symbiosis will be continued in the future and should be further strengthened.

FANK will continue to monitor the proper execution of the tasks assigned to Bel V ​​through regular reports and an audit program.

The management contract was published in the Belgian State Gazette on October 30, 2019.