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intimawear by Libresse ™

What are period panties?

  • Period panties look and feel like normal underwear, but absorb blood and other fluids like a sanitary towel. This will save you unpleasant surprises.

What are the advantages of these panties?

  • intimawear by Libresse ™ is a sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. They are reusable because you can wash them. Your period panty adapts to the flow of your period, no matter where you are in your cycle. Whether sticky or lumpy, blood or discharge, your period panty soaks it up - just let them do it.

How do I wash the panties?

  • Your intimawear by Libresse ™ can be easily washed in just a few steps: First you rinse it out in cold water. Then wash them in the washing machine at 40 degrees, along with the rest of your laundry. (Please do not use fabric softener or bleach.) Last but not least, simply hang up to dry or dry slowly in the dryer.

Do I need additional products?

  • Our period panties are sufficient for light to moderate bleeding. For very heavy bleeding, however, we also recommend a tampon, menstrual cup or a thin bandage. Feminine hygiene is something very individual - you will find out for yourself what works best for you.

What are the panties made of?

  • Our period panties are made of a material that lies directly on the skin and adapts optimally to body movements, as well as (depending on your preference and the respective product type) lace and elastic material. Our bikini panty, for example, has an elastic waistband, while the hipster model has one made of lace.

How long can I wear the panty?

  • Consumer tests in France, Great Britain and Colombia showed that 90% of all women can wear the period panty for 8 hours without leaking. If the bleeding is slight, up to 12 hours are possible.

Do the panties smell after wearing them?

  • Do not worry! The panties have a layer that wicks away moisture and an absorbent layer that uses a special antibacterial system to counteract odors * - no matter how damp or sweaty the panties get. (* Contains antibacterial agent, silver-copper-zeolite for odor inhibition)

What can I use the panty for?

  • The period panties are suitable for all types of vaginal discharge, be it blood, discharge after sex, sweat, intermenstrual bleeding or the like. Finally there is a panty that is precisely tailored to our body and takes care of everything.