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Forecast for Germany

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Last update: May 17, 2021, 8:59 p.m.

At the edge of a high-pressure area over the British Isles, cool Atlantic air is drawn in from the west and south-west. THUNDER / HEAVY RAIN: Frequent showers and thunderstorms. In the northern half locally heavy rain of 20 l / sqm in a short time. Strong to stormy gusts to the south (55 to 75 km / h). Small-grained hail possible everywhere. In the night of Tuesday more showers, but hardly any thunderstorms. Thunderstorm activity resumed on Tuesday. WIND / STORM: In the south and west as well as in parts of the middle up to the evening wind gusts (Bft 7), in open areas stormy gusts. Stormy gusts and gusts of wind on mountains (Bft 8/9). Heavy gusts of wind (Bft 10) on the Black Forest and Alpine peaks. Wind from west to southwest. Wind waning in the evening and on Tuesday night. With a low likelihood of stormy gusts on Black Forest peaks. On Tuesday in the south and in the low mountain range the wind picked up again, but only gusts of wind up to Bft 7 in the mountains


Prediction - today

Thunderstorms subsided during the night, but still showers in some areas. On Tuesday, the tendency to showers and thunderstorms increased again.

Often cloudy in the night to Tuesday, short gaps in the clouds, preferably in the north. Plus showers, but only a few thunderstorms. In the northeast at times only slightly cloudy or clear in places, but also a few showers during the night. Lows 11 to 4 degrees.


Forecast - tomorrow

On Tuesday, showers spread again and, during the day, increasingly thunderstorms. In between a few short, sunny sections, otherwise mostly cloudy. In the northeast, especially in the mornings, showers and occasional thunderstorms, in the afternoon mostly dry and partly sunny. Weak to moderate, south of the Main and Moselle partly fresher and stronger in gusts, stormy westerly winds at higher altitudes. Highs 10 to 17 degrees In the night of Wednesday decreasing showers, especially in the south and southeast still occasional shower-like rain. Otherwise loosening in some areas, local fog. Early temperatures 9 to 3 degrees, occasional danger of frost near the ground.


Forecast - the day after tomorrow

Showers spread on Wednesday and brief thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon. Short, sunny sections in between. In the north-east it was also longer dry and partly sunny. Highs 10 to 17 degrees. Weak to moderate southwest wind, in the south and during thunderstorms with strong to stormy gusts. In the night of Thursday, the shower activity gradually subsided. Area-wise loosening. Cooling to 9 to 3 degrees, with longer clearing up risk of frost near the ground.


Forecast - Day 4

On Thursday from the west increasingly dry and partly sunny. First showers and thunderstorms in the eastern half, subsiding in the afternoon and evening. Maximum temperatures 12 to 18 degrees, in the mountains around 10 degrees. Weak to moderate wind around west. On Friday night in the north, dense clouds and occasional rain. Also in the extreme southwest of the rain. In between, often dry, but often cloudy. Lowest temperatures 10 to 4 degrees. In the west a freshening wind from the southwest.