Where is our botany bay plantation


The birch

The "Geltinger Birk" nature reserve is located on the northeastern headland of Angelns, at the exit of the Flensburg Fjord. With a total area of ​​773 hectares, it is the largest nature reserve in the Schleswig - Flensburg district.

The coastline has been under nature protection since 1934: silting reed swamps, salt marshes, dunes, sand and rubble-covered outer beach, a small oak kratt near Falshöft and shallow water areas - the Geltinger Noor, as well as a seagrass meadow that extends about 1,000 m into the Geltinger Bay. The diked swamp area south of Birknack, the so-called Kuhlenkoppel, has also been part of the nature reserve since 1952. In 1986 the area was expanded to include the meadows south of the Kuhlenkoppel and the forest (the old plantation) and a 300 m wide water area between Birknack and Falshöft.

The land is owned by the Schleswig-Holstein Nature Conservation Foundation. NABU Schleswig-Holstein has been responsible for the area since 1977. NABU Ostangeln is responsible for the implementation.

Bird life and botany

Around 200 species of birds can be observed over the course of a year, including the white-tailed eagle almost every day. The over 90 breeding bird species include greylag goose, crane, teal, common saw, spotted rail, little tern, redshank, red-backed killer, sprout, carfinch, bluechin, stonechat and whinchat. There is also a colony of gray herons and cormorants in the area.

The good observation possibilities for resting and wintering waterfowl such as heron, mountain, whistling, ringing, scoter and eider, pygmy, medium and goosander, ear grebes and a large number of waders are particularly interesting during the migration period. In addition to migrating raptors, pigeons, jackdaws and waterfowl, up to 50,000 small birds per day can also be counted on the spring migration. In autumn, the Arctic geese, loons and also the skuas that reach the North Sea via the Flensburg Fjord can be observed on the Birk-Nack.

In the integrated station in Falshöft you can get up-to-date information, visit an exhibition and purchase information material. Since 2009 there has been an information kiosk at the 'Mühle Charlotte' car park (suitable for larger coaches), where you can also eat very well. There are also toilets there (also suitable for the disabled).