What is Epizon-E cream used for?

What is the chamber contribution used for? ... We enlighten!

This week we want to dedicate ourselves to the topic of the dentist's chamber and examine it from several angles:

What is the chamber contribution used for? ... We clarify!

The Austrian Chamber of Dentists is the constitutional, legal professional representative of all dental professionals in Austria. As such, it has the status of an authority. It has an office in every federal state, the so-called State Dental Association.

The tasks of the Dental Association in the federal and state levels are very diverse. This includes the following responsibilities:

    • Registration of members of the dental profession in the dentist list
    • The promotion of the professional, social and economic interests of the members of the Chamber
    • The preservation of professional and social standing
    • The administration of the regional structure plan of the cash posts together with the social security agencies
    • Negotiating and concluding health insurance contracts
    • The organization of a regional dental
      Emergency service outside of normal core working hours
    • The provision of an arbitration board with regard to disputes between chamber members and their patients or between chamber members among themselves
    • The creation and provision of training opportunities for the dental practice staff, i.e. courses for the ZAss and for the PAss
    • The creation and provision of further training opportunities for the members of the Chamber and their staff
    • Promotion of quality assurance measures in dental practices
    • The administration of the welfare fund together with the medical association
    • Sending delegates from the Dental Association to the extended plenary assembly of the Medical Association and to the committees of the Welfare Fund

and much more. This enormously extensive, versatile and responsible field of activity requires highly professional action and therefore requires not only a suitably competent and experienced staffing but also an adequate infrastructure. Both are financed from the funds of the chamber contributions in the federal and state levels.