Massachusetts clam law

Boston (USA)

During a three-month stay in New York, I treated myself to a long weekend to explore the city of Boston with a friend from Quebec whom I met on the way (Boston is halfway between New York and Montréal!). For me, Boston is above all the city of Ally McBeal and Will Hunting. And of course it's the city of Harvard University. A friend from New York gave us her apartment in the immediate vicinity of Cambridge. So on the first day we visit the famous university campus with its red brick buildings and green spaces ... you really think you are in the middle of an American movie with all of its Quarterbacks and cheerleaders landed?!

In the city we stroll through the various districts such as the charming Beacon Hill with its small cobbled streets, the enchanted gardens and its red brick houses.

We also follow the famous "Freedom trail“, On which we can explore the various scenes of the American Revolution for a few hours. And yes, it was here in Boston that it all began! Of course, there is no way around Boston Harbor, where you can find the USS Constitution, an old three-masted warship, and where especially gourmets like me can eat an excellent clam soup, which is served in a bread pot (the clams chowder) is served - a pleasure!