How to drink wincarnis tonic wine alcohol

Noilly Prat has the aroma of southern herbs and spices. But bartenders love him as much as cooks. But where does the dry Frenchman come from, who inspires as a drink and refines entire menus as an ingredient?
The production process is unique: rows of wine barrels are stored under the open sky in Marseillan, a small port town on the southern French coast, behind old walls. They are exposed to wind and weather for a whole year. The white wines Picpoul and Clairette, which are grown here in the region, mature in them.
Once time and elements have completed their work, it takes hold Cellar master Jean-Louis Mastoro a: He mixes the wines and adds the mistletoe, a must of the muscatel grape mixed with wine alcohol. With essences of lemon and raspberry he emphasizes the fruity note. The most wonderful thing comes at the end: During the maceration, Mastoro aromatizes the wine with a top secret composition of over 20 herbs and spices.
This recipe was invented in 1813 Joseph Noilly. Together with his son-in-law Claudius Prat, he founded the legendary story of dry vermouth. Enjoy them in Marseillan Noilly Prat since those days, preferably straight on ice - or on fresh oysters. An incomparable pleasure!