What does the alkalization of your body not lie?

Alkaline water: explanation, effect, benefits of the hype

Alkaline water has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years with everyone from the health conscious to professional athletes, whether or not they arekeep an alkaline diet or just trying to get more out of their hydration. In fact, NBA superstars like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are some of the most famous alkaline water fans, with reports claiming that certain professional players get more than half a dozen alkaline water bottle covers delivered to their homes every month.

It is true that your body's pH levels play a huge role in overall health, and the standard American diet is typically high in refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, excess sodium, high fructose corn syrup,chemical additives , Pesticides, synthetic hormones andhighly processed foods all of these can contribute to low-level acidosis or overproduction of acid in the blood and promote an environment in which disease can thrive.

Some claim that alkaline water - or water with high pH - is the best drinking water when it comes to health, citing a long list of potential alkaline water benefits from increased weight loss to resistance to cancer. But does this popular drink live up to the hype or is it just a fad for health conscious consumers?

Let's break through the debate and find the truth.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is a type of water with a higher pH than normal water. This is a measure of acidity - a lower pH indicates a more acidic substance, while a higher pH is more alkaline. Too many hydrogen ions mean that the cells have less oxygen available, which leads to higher acidity. Fewer hydrogen ions mean that more oxygen is available, resulting in a more alkaline or basic state. There is no known disease that can survive in an alkaline state.

Because it has a higher pH, alkaline water is supposedly more beneficial than your alkaline tap water. Typically, it keys in at a pH of around 8 or 9, while the pH of water is usually closer to 7.0 or less. It is also said that alkaline water provides more important minerals that the body needs to function properly, likecalcium, Potassium, sodium andmagnesium.

On average, your pH should be around 7.365 for the blood on a scale between 0 and 14, keeping the blood at an alkali to acid ratio of 60/40.

Alkaline compounds buffer acids in the blood with four main minerals - calcium, magnesium, and sodiumpotassium - that work together to keep the body healthy and running properly.

  • Calciumstrengthens our bones and supports a healthy circulatory system.
  • magnesium helps convert our food into energy and works to maintain muscles, nerves, heart and kidney function.
  • sodium regulates blood pressure, balances fluids in the body and influences muscle movement.
  • potassium helps the muscle relaxation and-contraction to maintain what is very important in the heart and supports digestion and fluid elimination.

The body works hard to naturally alkaline the blood and will draw from stored reserves whenever necessary to keep it in balance.

The alkaline water debate

Unfortunately, research is limited to the possible alkaline water benefits. Not only that, but many sources blindly cast unsubstantiated claims to sell products like expensive alkaline water filtration systems instead of providing evidence-based health information to consumers.

That being said, those who prefer alkaline water over acidic water claim that it offers a number of health benefits. Namely that itincreases metabolism ,  slows bone loss , reverses aging and improves the absorption of nutrients by neutralizing acid in the blood that causes disease. They believe that mild acidosis cannot always be diagnosed with tests, so your body suffers the silent consequences.

The opposing side, however, agrees that there may be benefits, but it's unclear whether the alkaline water benefits stem from the high pH of the water itself or from the minerals it contains. Your warning to everyone? Be suspicious of health-related claims that may sound too good to be true, and remember that all alkaline waters and alkaline water ionization systems are not created equal.

The alkalization of the body and all of its organs is complex. When the cause is unknown, adversaries remind us that drinking alkaline water isn't the solution to your low pH. In addition, the human body was not designed to live in a constant alkaline state.

Do you remember the 60/40 ratio mentioned earlier? Regular consumption of highly alkaline water can make the sensitivepH balance Disturb your body and affect your health.

Alkaline water vs. structured water vs. tap water vs. mineral water

Nowadays there are many options in thatWater bottle Your local supermarket. Once limited to normal drinking water, there is now a wide range of water types, from alkaline water to structured water to mineral water.

Regular bottled water typically contains purified water that is made fromTap water that is filtered through a process called reverse osmosis that removes contaminants and microorganisms. Traces of minerals are found in this form of water, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Purified water generally has an acidic or neutral pH of 7.0 or below.

Mineral water, on the other hand, comes from a mineral spring and typically contains a variety of minerals such as salts and sulfur compounds. It's available in both breastfeeding and smoothing varieties, depending on whether or not it contains carbon dioxide. Like alkaline water, it can provide important nutritional minerals that can be beneficial for health.

In the meantime it isstructured water a type of water that has not been filtered or processed, making it practically identical to water found in nature. It is believed to contain a higher amount of energy and is referred to as "optimally charged," which helps our cells work more efficiently. Similar to alkaline water, it is said to have optimal pH and is claimed to benefit everything from energy levels to digestion and mood. As with alkaline water, however, research is still limited to what impact a structured water can have on health.

5 alkaline water benefits

  1. Improves circulation
  2. Reduces Acid Reflux Symptoms
  3. Increases hydration
  4. Regulates blood sugar
  5. May promote bone health

1. Improves blood circulation

Some research suggests that alkaline water can improve blood circulation and make it easier for blood to flow around the body to bring oxygen and important nutrients into tissues. It is believed that it works by reducing the viscosity or thickness of the blood and helping to move it through the bloodstream more efficiently.

This was shown in a study published in 2016 that gave 100 healthy adults either plain water or alkaline water to rehydrate after a strenuous exercise. Interestingly, those who drank alkaline water experienced a 6.3 percent decrease in blood thickness compared to only a 3.36 percent decrease in viscosity for those who drank normal water.

2. Reduces Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux, also known as GERD, is a condition in which acid moves through the esophagusacid reflux symptoms such as belching, gas and nausea. Pepsin, the enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins, plays a key role in acid reflux and can cause symptoms.

Alkaline water can have a beneficial effect on neutralizing pepsin to help reduce symptoms. An in vitro study from the Voice Institute in New York showed that drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 helps deactivate pepsin, potentially having therapeutic benefits for those with acid reflux.

It is important to remember, however, that blocking pepsin acts like a temporary bandage to the actual underlying problem, similar to what antacids do. While alkaline water can help relieve symptoms, it cannot treat the root of acid reflux.

3. Increases hydration

Stay well hydrated is critical to overall health and wellness. Getting enough water regulates body temperature, helps transport nutrients, and helps with waste disposal.

It is believed that alkaline water improves hydration even more than normal drinking water. A study carried out in theJournal of the International Society for Sports Medicine has been published, showed that drinking alkaline water for two weeks not only increased alkalinity in blood and urine, but also improved hydration status to a greater extent than those who drink normal water.

4. Regulates blood sugar

Maintaining high blood sugar levels can be a huge drain on your health. The side effects range from increased thirst, headache, and fatigue to more serious long-term effects such as visual disturbances and nerve damage.

Although research is limited, some preliminary research has found that alkaline water can help balance blood sugar to keep younormal blood sugar levels to maintain and promote better health. A six-month study in China showed that drinking alkaline water significantly reduced blood sugar levels to normal levels in the participants. An animal model created at the Obesity Management Department of Dongduk Women's University at the Graduate School of Obesity Research in theLife sciences has been published, found alkaline water to be antidiabetic and reported that it reduced blood sugar and improved glucose tolerance in mice.

5. Can promote bone health

A highly acidic diet has been shown to increase bone loss by increasing the excretion of calcium in the urine. An alkaline diet, on the other hand, can prevent bone resorption in order to maintain bone health.

Some studies suggest that alkaline water can help keep bones strong by affecting certain hormones that affect bone metabolism. For example, a study from the Center for Bone Diseases at Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland, which consisted of 30 women, showed that drinking alkaline water lowers levels of parathyroid hormone, which causes bones to release calcium into the blood. Not only that, but the level of a biomarker used to measure the rate of bone turnover.

Alkaline water recommendations

Although some promising studies have found beneficial health effects of alkaline water, many of these studies are small studies with significant limitations that can make it difficult to definitively determine what benefits alkaline water can really provide.

As with all things in life, balance is important when it comes to alkaline water. While it can come with some alkaline water benefits, following a healthy, nutrient-rich diet that is filled with plenty of whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables is still the best way to maintain proper pH balance and keep you healthy. In the end, alkaline water can be the number ofessential nutrients do not replace that which your body needs from food.

Also, excessive amounts of alkaline water and food for long periods of time can not only cause alkalosis, unbalance and serious health problems, but also inhibit the production of pepsin and impair the stomach's ability to break down food and protein .

Adding more fresh fruits and vegetables like apples,Lemons andLimes (Beware of potential citrus allergies!) Adding leafy vegetables, and carrots to your diet is an easy way to keep your pH in check while also promoting better overall health.

If you still want to include alkaline water in moderation in your diet, that's perfectly fine. But before you start looking for the best alkaline water brands or splurge on an expensive alkaline water machine, remember that you can also try making it at home. There are many directions for making alkaline water, usually adding ingredients likebaking powder or lemon with your water.

As always, however, you should pair your alkaline water with a balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle to get the most of your health rewards.


Going overboard with the alkaline water can affect your body's delicate pH balance and lead to serious health problems like alkalosis. This can cause alkaline water side effects such as nausea, vomiting, tremors, and confusion.

Drinking alkaline water regularly can also disable the activity of pepsin, impairing its ability to break down proteins efficiently. It can also be the natural acidity of theStomach acidwhich is responsible for killing bacteria and pathogens to keep your body healthy.

If you do choose to drink alkaline water, keep it in moderation, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity to keep your body at its best. Always contact your doctor or a trusted health care professional if you have any concerns.

Final thoughts

  • Alkaline water is said to have a higher pH than normal water and contains minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.
  • What is the pH of water? The pH of water is usually 7.0 and is therefore neutral. On the other hand, alkaline water usually has a pH of around 8 or 9.
  • Some of the benefits of alkaline water include increased hydration, reduced acid reflux symptoms, better blood sugar control, improved bone health, and improved blood flow.
  • Claims about alkaline water and cancer, antiaging properties, or weight loss have not been well studied and are not yet supported by science.
  • It is safe when consumed in moderation, but should be paired with a nutritious diet and active lifestyle to get the most health-related benefits.