How to create a sub-record in ireport

iReport Wiki | overview

Create a new report from a template

Create a new blank report. After clicking on the button you will receive a selection of the installed templates. You can display the templates in the grid view with a preview or as a list with text.

Companies, contacts, technicians / users selection

Reports generally expect the assignment of one of the following:
- Address from the company master database app
- a contact from your device contacts
- a technician / user who records the report (yourself)
If you select the Company option, the 5 addresses in your area will be displayed first based on the current GEO position. Change the search criterion by clicking on the field in front of the search entry.
With the Technician option you can optionally mark several entries at the same time, accept the selection with Done.

Barcode scan

Place the focus in any text field - tap the barcode symbol to scan a barcode and transfer the value into the activated field.

Add file attachments

Attach images, audio or PDF forms to the report. Choose from the photo album, use the camera or record a voice message.
PDF documents that have been imported into the app using the "open in" function are available as a document selection. PDF forms are filled out and saved directly in the report.

to save

Save the current status of your entries at any time.
When using the app with the web portal, in addition to the local storage, it is also synchronized with the web; after the first storage, the symbol changes to a sync double arrow.

Graduation flag

The closing flag performs the following actions in a routine:
- To save
- Asking for marking (flag selection)
- Creation of new blank reports using the same template

Lock / write protection

Reports are given write protection under various conditions, which may no longer be removed:
- When a report is opened again from the list, it is write-protected, locked to avoid unintentional changes. Clicking the lock unlocks the report.
- If a report is provided with the "Customer signature" field, the report is blocked against further changes after it has been signed. This CANNOT be removed.
- When using the web portal and marking it as "Request for approval" status yellow, this is blocked against local changes.

Start / stop timer

Tap Start to add the current date and time to the report. The button changes to the Stop function in order to insert the end time in the corresponding field when it is finished. The duration of the assignment is automatically calculated and entered.

Break timer

Create a pause which is subtracted from the total time.

Preview the PDF

Show the preview of the PDF document which will be generated from the current report.


Select the action which should be carried out:
- "Open in" dialog for transferring PDF to another installed application
- Save report in the dropbox
- Creation of an entry in your calendar with information from the current report
- Mail the report to the customer or your own company / yourself
- Printing via Airprint (iOS)

Globe / language selection

Reports are automatically generated in the language set for the device (PDF). Select a different language to manually switch to one of the suggested languages ​​for labels in the report. You can do the translations yourself in the template.


Switch to the back of the report to display and edit some meta information such as status and attached photos.


Get brief help on the controls on the screen.