What is a pinchback suit

That's behind pingbacks and trackbacks

A direct comparison of the two blog networking processes makes it clear why pingbacks nowadays play a much greater role than trackbacks. Just the fact that a pingback is set automatically speaks in favor of this function: It saves you as the responding blogger the hassle of looking up the necessary trackback URL and saves you from forgetting to link. The general preference for the newer method is also due to a negative property of the trackback procedure: Since the user sets the link to the original blog himself, the trackback feature has a strong appeal to spammersthat leave references to unrelated spam content in the comment area, but do not generate any usable backlinks for the original author. Removing such spam trackbacks can be time consuming and require the use of an additional plug-in.

Trackbacks have a decisive advantage But also - at least for the referring blogger: Since they do not only represent a notification for the foreign blogger like pingbacks and also present an excerpt from the answer post in addition to the blog name and the URL, you achieve with them a much greater advertising effect. In principle, these additional comments also mean additional content for the blog operator, but this quickly becomes a problem if criminals smuggle in malicious code in this way - so you are not spared constant checking.