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A simple EA for calculating entries and auto-adjusting stop needed


a simple EA needed:

Options when triggering: lot-size, sell / buy, market / limit (entry of limit price), tick box if a pair is JPY (or autodetection if possible)

Calculating with given formula: SL, TP1, TP2, TP3

So input parameters for a given pair: buy / sell, market / limit, lot-size, SL, TP1, TP2, TP3 (three entries with same SL)

Action1: When TP1 is hit, SL adjusts to entry price for TP2 and TP3 entries

Action2: When TP2 is hit, SL for TP3 entry adjusts to TP1 price

Notifications (mail / sms) when actions are triggered.

Debugging, source code required.




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hello, i need an EA that will have 2 lines for 1 of it buy and another for sell.if the price catch 1 line the other line will be stop-lose. and will revarse the first position to the oposite direction with martingal. and vice varsa. with the ability to add stop lose and limit and quantity of martiangl lots and time of trading. for more detail reply to this massage. thank you
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I want you to introduce hedging order to the existing Martingale Buy and Sell robots. For a Sell Martingale robots as example: The robot will introduce hedge order after a particular number of sell orders, to be called N order which can be changeable. The 1st hedge BUY order will open midway the N sell order and the next N + 1 sell order. E.g N equals 5, as soon as 5th martingale sell order occurred, 1st hedge BUY order
hi everyone I need an expert that will execute orders at support and resistance prices that entered by myself .. I need it to reenter orders IF SL or TP reached ... (I can put manual pending orders but after price exceed it and reach to SL or TP, I need expert to refill order again and again without my presence in front of monitor)
The scope of this project is to provide strategy optimization and add additional features to 2 BOTs I have already created. Additional requirements are - create a MT4 version - Add to my website and code to be purchased as subscription - provide recommendations -
It's a good robot to use anyone can use it even when you can't trade but with Poll Jababa EA you can trade. With this robot you don't need any indicator the robot will do all the job just easy to install