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My name is Denise Christen.

I was born in 1981 and live in beautiful Switzerland in the middle of nature on the edge of the forest.

To me, living is a miracle for which I am grateful. I understand life as an opportunity and a preciousness, which is to be shaped as a wild adventure in the expression of art.

I am embodied as a person, just like you, which means that I have many talents and resources, as well as deep impressions of the past.

My message is that it is possible to be happy and live happily. We can and may live an enjoyable, fulfilling and connected life. Being happy and living happily has nothing to do with a romantic idea, but with radical acceptance of the past, self-empowerment in the now and devotion to the future that we choose ourselves. Above all, it's about being here and enjoying life / the journey.

I plant these seeds of remembrance into the world through my art.

"The liveliness is based on the lightness of being!"

I am happy when I can inspire and touch you. Be it here, on Instagram (denise.christen.wunderleben) or on Facebook (Denise Christen - WunderLeben).

It is close to my heart to bring more openness, transparency, tolerance, love and compassion into the world. By showing myself with my different facets and communicating honestly, I want to encourage and inspire you to do the same.



I love nature walks, playing guitar, dancing flamenco, cooking, cycling, cozy get-togethers, sleeping, traveling, taking photos, making pottery, writing, my cat Tibby, water, bathing and swimming, turquoise, the forest, candlelight, fire (...).

Curiosity, the spirit of discovery and research, the urge to move and the desire to move, the love of creativity, especially writing, interest in people, conversation and love of nature (...) belong to me as long as I can remember (and write).


* Various longer trips abroad: USA, Hawaii, Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Domenica, Cuba), Thailand, Egypt, Emirates, Europe

* Winter season on an alp in Valais

* In addition to a commercial apprenticeship, I successfully completed a BSc psychology degree (applied psychology) and worked for ten years in various salaried positions in the accompaniment of people in health and professionally challenging life situations, where I also led a team and helped set up a new area.

Due to my own physical challenges since childhood (rare autoimmune disease) as well as recurring unpleasant feelings about life (fears, exhaustion, restlessness, tension, tension, dysregulated nervous system ...), I set out on my way to a self-determined life in 2007.

Certified training and further education as well as courses in yoga, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, trauma, spirituality and Nordic walking are just as much part of my experience as many years of self-experience in body-oriented psychotherapy and trauma therapy. I was allowed to make new bonding experiences, expand my body presence and self-regulation and develop a finer body awareness.

Countless books, seminars and online inspirations accompany my self-exploration and awareness path. The way back to me and into my adulthood and life.

Since 2019 - after some very intense and turbulent years and the spiritual awakening - I (finally) consciously live my passion: myself! And that means, above all, to experience creativity and enjoyment in liveliness.

Life does not run linearly, but in waves, in cycles, with everything that goes with it, and at the same time we are always effortless here.

You can find more information in the background information on my books.