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ShaktiMat - like the "modern nail board" helps to relieve tension

The ShaktiMat relieves tension and improves sleep.

The ShaktiMat is equipped with several thousand nail tips - this is supposed to improve blood circulation, better supply the cells with nutrients and oxygen and activate the self-healing processes in the body.

(This article was created in cooperation with ShaktiMat)
We have tested the Shakti acupressure mat for you and would like to share our experience with you. We have summarized the most important features of the Shakti mat and explain to you for what purposes you can use the acupressure mat and how it can help you to increase your general well-being. You will also find out details about the production of the Shakti mat and we will give you some examples of exercises that you can easily integrate into your everyday life or into your training.

Shakti mats that we introduce to you in this article:

The Shakti acupressure mat

The Swedish company founder, Om Mokshananda, broke down his tents at home, went to India and studied Ayurvedic healing there. The idea of ​​developing an acupressure mat suitable for everyday use came to him after he came into contact with ancient Indian nail boards. The ShaktiMat has also been available on the German market since 2017, after it was launched in Sweden in 2009 and is now available in many countries around the world.

The Shakti mat is the first textile acupressure mat. It is made by hand by women in the “Gratitude Factory” in Varanasi, India. The company stands for fair, ecological and ethical production and only supports women by offering them a professional and fairly paid perspective.

The material used for the acupressure tips is durable, non-toxic and completely recyclable. The same plastic is also used to make Lego bricks.

The approx. 6,200 acupressure tips attached to the mat help to ensure that the application on the Shakti mat stimulates your blood circulation, creates a pleasant massage effect, relaxes, relieves pain and can have a positive influence on the quality of your sleep.

Shakti mat application - how does the Shakti acupressure mat help?

A variety of complaints can be treated with the help of the Shakti mat. The aim is a holistic treatment approach to alleviate the symptoms and combat the causes. The circulation-promoting massage on the acupressure mat enables the cells to be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen, which is supposed to activate the self-healing processes in the body.

Compared to other forms of therapy, massages or physiotherapeutic measures, the Shakti mat can be an inexpensive and less time-consuming treatment option for the following complaints:

  • Stress and stress-related or muscle-related headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Sciatic pain and inflammation
  • sleep disorders
  • Stiff neck
  • depressions
  • chronic back pain
  • PMS and menopause

Treatment with the acupressure mat can also be very effective for regenerating muscles after exercise or when you are tired.

Acupressure massages not only help you to treat acute pain in the short term, but should also relieve chronic pain in the long term with regular treatment.

Expert tip:

The ShaktiMat is a great way to relieve tension. The feeling and the effect that the Shakti mat creates can hardly be compared with the effect of fascia tools. For relaxation in particular, I like to just lie down with my back on the ShaktiMat for about 20 minutes and relax. If you want to try that out, I can recommend the ShaktiMat ORIGINAL and the matching pillow. The Advanced and Light versions are noticeably more prickly and relaxed, but everyone can get along with the ORIGINAL. The quality and company philosophy of ShaktiMat is also great - this clearly distinguishes them from cheap acupressure mats.

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Who can use the Shakti mat?

Not only yogis and relaxation enthusiasts get their money's worth with the Shakti mat. The acupressure mat is so versatile that it is suitable for a wide range of users. Even for people with diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis, the symptoms can be alleviated by treatment with the mat and the mat can even be a suitable relaxation method for children after a stressful day at school.

However, there are also contraindications. The blood flow stimulating effect of the acupressure massage can also make your heart beat faster. If you suffer from heart problems, it is imperative to consult your doctor before use. Caution should also be exercised when taking drugs that affect blood clotting. It is also not recommended for epilepsy, thrombosis, fever and acute skin inflammation. If you suffer from one of these or other chronic diseases, it is always advisable to consult a doctor beforehand.

Use during pregnancy should only be done after consulting an experienced midwife or gynecologist. There are acupressure points that can trigger labor. Therefore, in this case, you should deal with it very carefully.

Acupressure and acupressure points

Acupressure is considered a pioneer of acupuncture and is a millennia-old healing process that has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As with acupuncture, the self-healing powers of the human body and alternative medical therapy are in the foreground.

In acupressure, it is assumed that the human body is traversed by energy channels, so-called meridians. These are brought into connection with certain organs. If the flow of life energy is disturbed, it is assumed that this can lead to a wide variety of complaints of body and mind.

The acupressure points lie along the energy pathways. Manual pressure on specific points can help you relieve symptoms such as tension, back pain, headaches or stress. In many cases, acupressure can even eliminate the problem.

Pressure point massages can also help you counteract the development of tension, blockages and their side effects. Acupressure promises short-term relief of acute pain and can significantly increase your general well-being through induced relaxation. Acupressure ensures that more endorphins are released. They strengthen the immune system and regulate blood flow in a natural way.

Buy Shakti mat

Shakti offers the right Shakti acupressure mat for every type. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or have already had experience using acupressure mats.

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You can buy 3 different versions of the ShaktiMat and the relatively new Shakti pillow.

  • ShaktiMat ORIGINAL: With 6,210 tips, this Shakti mat is suitable for all purposes and users.
  • ShaktiMat ADVANCED: Here your body weight is distributed over only 4,554 tips - that makes the massage effect much more intense. We recommend this mat for advanced and very well trained athletes who, for example, have a lot of experience with fascia tools.
  • ShaktiMat LIGHT: With 9,108 tips, the light version has almost 50% more tips than the ORIGINAL ShaktiMat. This distributes your body weight over a larger area and the effect is not quite as intense. A clear recommendation for all people who tend to have sensitive skin.
  • Shakti PILLOW: makes it unnecessary to place rolled up towels or yoga / fitness mats under the Shakti mat in order to treat individual areas more intensively. The Shakti pillow is also ideal for taller people, as it can extend the ShaktiMat when you lie on your back on your mat.

The 3 variants of the ShaktiMat and the Shakti pillow: The black "black Edition" is a special form of the ShaktiMat ORIGINAL (6,210 tips, colors green, orange, black), the blue ADVANCED version has only 4,554 tips whereas the yellow LIGHT version with 9,108 tips has significantly more tips and thus develops a lighter effect.

ShaktiMat's social commitment

The ShaktiMat is produced in Varanasi, India. Here women make every single Shakti mat by hand from organic cotton, which is dyed with natural plant substances. The spiked pads are made of ABS plastic, which will last for many years and then be completely recyclable.
The "Gratitude Factory" workshop in India not only brings top products to the fore, it also strengthens the workers through fair wages, free meals and work clothes, unlimited vacation days, sick pay, health care for them and their families and an educational offer for the children an 18-year scholarship program for the offenders of the poorest families).


+ 6,210 tips
+ Colors green, orange, black (edition)
+ medium massage effect
+ organic cotton
+ colored with vegetable dyes
+ high quality upholstery
+ durable ABS plastic
+ made in India under fair labor

Exercises at home Test verdict: the classic Shakti mat "Original" is perfect for relaxation after exercise or for tension, as well as for activation before training units.

Product description:

The original Shakti mat with the dimensions 770 x 425 x 25mm has 6,210 plastic tips made of non-toxic, fully recyclable plastic. These many small tips create the acupressure effect and replace a massage. The acupressure mat is available in orange or green. The pressure is distributed relatively well over the 6,210 plastic tips - the first time you use it, the feeling is intense, but not uncomfortable.


+ 4,554 tips
+ Color blue
+ strong massage effect
+ organic cotton
+ colored with vegetable dyes
+ high quality upholstery
+ durable ABS plastic
+ manufactured in India under fair labor
- only for advanced users
- rather not for sensitive areas of the body

Exercises at home Test verdict: almost 2,000 fewer tips cause a significantly higher surface pressure and thus achieve a much more intense massage effect - only for advanced users.

Product description:

With the Advanced Shakti mat for advanced users, fewer plastic tips were used. Only 4,554 tips are distributed over the same area, which makes the application much more intensive. It is not suitable for first-time users and offers an even deeper acupressure treatment. The “Advanced” Shakti mat is ideal for massaging the back. For other areas of the body such as the feet, stomach or chest, the effect is, in our opinion, very strong. Therefore, the "Original" ShaktiMat can be used more as an all-round acupressure mat and the "Advanced" can serve as a good addition. The "Advanced" acupressure mat is available in indigo blue.


+ 9,108 tips
+ Color yellow
+ light to medium massage effect
+ organic cotton
+ colored with vegetable dyes
+ high quality upholstery
+ durable ABS plastic
+ made in India under fair labor
- possibly too "lax" for experienced

Exercises at home test verdict: perfect for beginners or people who are more sensitive.

Product description:

The Shakti Matte light is suitable for beginners as well as for users who are particularly sensitive to pressure. The 9,108 plastic tips distribute the body weight better, which makes the pressure less intense. The entry-level mat is also particularly suitable for use on sensitive areas of the body such as the chest or stomach. It is available in the color yellow

+ very good in combination with the ShaktiMat
+ flat bottom ensures stability
+ Upper side covered with acupressure tips
+ good, relatively firm foam
+ ideal for the neck or lower back (while sitting)

Exercises at home Test verdict: the ideal extension of the ShaktiMat, but can also be used very well while sitting.

Product description:

The ACUPRESSURE CUSHION from Shakti is now also available to match the mat. The pillow is straight at the bottom and curved upwards. So it lies securely and can optimally develop its massage effect on the top. The acupressure pillow works very well in combination - as an extension, so to speak - with the Shakti mat. You can relax your back on the mat and your neck on the pillow. The Shakti pillow also works really well on the sofa as a neck pillow or on the office chair as a relaxing or activating lumbar pillow.

Exercises on the Shakti acupressure mat

Apart from relaxation units to reduce stress or relieve pain, the Shakti mat can also be integrated into sports and fitness areas or used for yoga and meditation purposes.

Activating exercises on the ShaktiMat to prepare for training

The acupressure mat is a really effective tool, especially in preparation for training. When you have decided which muscle group you want to train, you can optimally integrate the Shakti mat into your processes. This has a number of advantages in preparing the muscles for training. In the following we show you some possible examples of how you can integrate the Shakti mat into your training.
When preparing for a training session for stimulation, you should only use the mat for about 2-3 minutes and not for about 20 minutes as recommended for the relaxation exercises


Treating the legs with the Shakti mat before training is useful for endurance sports such as cycling, running, rowing and football. It is also recommended for preparing your workout with squats, deadlifts and lunges.

For example, roll up an exercise mat to place the Shakti mat on and then treat your back thigh for about 2-3 minutes. For the front, lie down with your legs on the mat in a prone position.

Upper back and shoulders

Activating the muscles in the upper back or shoulders can be useful for contact sports, but also for rowing or upper body training with exercises such as shoulder presses, pull-ups and the use of the muscles in question during deadlifts.

It is best to roll up a small towel and place the acupressure mat on it so that your neck rests comfortably on the towel and your upper back rests firmly on the Shakti mat. This works even better with the Shakti acupressure pillow, which has an optimal shape and size for use in the neck area.

For use in the area of ​​the upper back and neck, you can very well place a rolled up towel or, for even more pressure, a loosely rolled up yoga mat under the ShaktiMat. Relax here for a few minutes. You are also welcome to shift the pressure and look for points where you particularly feel tension and sticky fibers.

The “Shakti pillow” works even better for the neck than a rolled up towel.


It may be a little more uncomfortable to use it on the bare skin of the stomach at first. You can feel your way around slowly by wearing a t-shirt. The following exercises on the Shakti mat are particularly suitable for all strength exercises that affect the core of the body or during the rest phases during intensive abdominal muscle training.

Place the core of your body on the acupressure mat and lift your upper body and legs off the floor so that the acupressure effect in the abdominal area intensifies. You can increase the effect a bit by grasping your ankles with your hands.

Lower back

Before training your lower back with exercises such as hyperextensions and deadlifts or to relax your back after all training units and sports, you can lie down on the Shakti mat with your feet upright with your lower back. You can change the pressure by pulling in your knees or putting your legs in the air. You can also try moving them around to either side very easily.

Relaxation exercises on the ShaktiMat

After training or very well in your everyday life you can use the Shakti mat for a 20 minute recovery phase use. By improving the blood circulation, the regeneration process of the muscles is promoted. Here are some of our favorite exercises:

Relaxation of the back on the ShaktiMat

The ShaktiMat is ideal for treating tension in the back. You can just lie down on the mat and relax. Your arms should be on the sides of your body.
For more focus on the upper back and especially the neck area, you can either roll up the ShaktiMat or place it over a rolled up yoga or fitness mat.
For an even more intense effect on the lower back, you can roll up a towel and place it under the mat.

You should relax in the position for 15 to 20 minutes.

Perfect for tension in the back - lie down on the ShaktiMat for about 20 minutes without a T-shirt. You should loosely position your arms next to you. After the initial prick, an intense, warming, relaxing feeling sets in, which lasts for a long time and makes the back muscles pleasantly relaxed.

Relax your lower back on the chair with the Shakti pillow

You can also optimally work on the lower back with the ShaktiCushion. It is straight on the underside and has a semicircular surface. The well-known “nails” are positioned on it. Sit up straight on a chair (slide as far back as possible against the backrest). Now position the Shakti pillow in the lumbar spine area - or a little lower or a little higher, depending on where you feel tension.
This also works optimally in the office.

You can also work on the lower back while sitting on a chair with the Shakti pillow. It also works great in the office.

Massage and relaxation of the feet

To do this, you stand with your feet on the ShaktiMat. You can start with socks, if necessary, because the ShaktiMat has a much more “prickly” effect on the small area of ​​your feet than when you throw your back on it.
You can easily shift the pressure from the forefoot to the rear of the foot and from the inside of your feet to the outside. In this way, similar to a massage with a fascia ball, you can look for tension in your foot muscles and release them with targeted pressure.
You should treat your feet with the Shakti mat for about 1-4 minutes. This works ideally when brushing your teeth or in between in the office.

With or without socks you stand on the Shakti mat for about 1-4 minutes. Just like the foot massage with the fascia ball, you can easily shift your weight and feel for tension in the sole of your foot and hold the pressure longer here.

Compact: everything about the Shakti mat

  • The Shakti mat works like a massage.
  • This is ensured by several thousand small tips - based on the principle of a nail board.
  • Three variants are available:
    • ORIGINAL with 6,210 tips
    • ADVANCED with 4,554 tips
    • LIGHT with 9,108 tips
  • The ShaktiMat is suitable for relaxation and releasing tension as well as for activating the muscles before training units.
  • The production of the ShaktiMat distinguishes it from competing products:
    • It is made from organic cotton that is dyed with plant substances.
    • High-quality ABS plastic is used, which ensures the long shelf life of the products and is then completely recyclable.
    • Shakti manufactures in Varanasi India, all workers receive social benefits and the Shakti Manufactory "Gratitude Factory" invests in the education of the employees' daughters.
  • You can find many ideas for exercises in our article or on Shatkimat.de - let's go!