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How to take screenshots on Windows 10

We'll tell you how to do it take a screenshot in Windows 10where it is saved and how you can edit it.

The essentials in brief:

  • Screenshot of the entire screen and saving the copy to the clipboard: [Print] Button (Note: on some laptops there is instead of the [Print] button [Fn] + [PrtScn] to press)
  • Screenshot of the currently active window and save the copy to the clipboard: [Old] + [Print]
  • Screenshot of self-selected area: [Windows key] + [Shift ⇧] + [s] using the key combination [Ctrl] + [v] paste the screenshot where you want it
  • Create a screenshot and save it directly in the folder path Pictures> Screenshots: [Windows button] + [Print]

Keyboard shortcuts for screenshots on Windows 10

A short press of a button, you already held the current screen display in paper form in your hands: The [Print]In the early days of the personal computer, the key was a practical aid for printing out what was currently being seen on the monitor. In the meantime, the functional principle has changed a little: After pressing the button, the image is not sent directly to the printer, but the screenshot is stored in the operating system's temporary memory - the Clipboard. And it's no different with Windows 10. However, some Microsoft supporters do not know that the practical key can also be used in combination with other keys:

  • [Print]: The term is often found on English keyboards [Print], [Prnt] or [Prnt Scrn] (for "Print Screen" in German: "Print screen"). Regardless of whether you only use one or two monitors - one press of this button shows everything that is currently being seen on the screen or screens in a single screenshot.
  • [Alt] + [Print]: If you only want to display a single window, you can do so with this key combination. The window in which you have placed your cursor is selected.
  • [Fn] + [Print]: Mobile devices such as laptops are smaller than conventional PCs, which is why many keys on their keyboards are assigned twice - this saves space. The screenshot function is used in combination with the function key on such devices [Fn] used.
  • [Win] + [Print]: Screenshots can also be taken in quick succession on Windows 10. If you take a screenshot while holding down the Windows key, it will be saved directly as a PNG file. You can usually find it under "Libraries" à "Images" à "Screenshots". Windows 10 also automatically numbers the files in ascending order. Incidentally, this key combination also works in conjunction with [Old] and or [Fn].

Please note: The Windows 10 clipboard only ever has space for a single screenshot. Press the again [Print]Key, the previous screenshot is replaced - one more reason to hold down the Windows key and save the images this way. You can easily drag and drop the PNG files in the “Screenshots” folder into almost all Microsoft applications (e.g. for further editing in Paint). On the other hand, you can paste images from the clipboard using copy-and-paste ([Ctrl] or. [Ctrl] + [V]) in the currently open project. Of course, you can also just use the Photo app or use another image editing program such as Gimp or Paint.NET.

Screenshots on Windows 10 with the Snipping Tool

Loyal Microsoft supporters will have noticed the Snipping Tool, which was found on older versions of the operating system in the accessories category of the start menu. In Windows 10 it is under "Windows" à "All apps" (Key combination [Win] + [Q]) or can be traced using the search function. The small tool offers additional options for creating and editing screenshots under Windows 10:

  • Cut full screen: Take a screenshot of everything on the screen.
  • Cut out window: Only shows the window as a screenshot that you click with the mouse pointer.
  • Rectangular cut: As with many image editing programs, you draw a rectangle over an area of ​​your choice in order to put just this in a screenshot.
  • Free cutting: Works exactly like rectangular cutout, except that you can freely choose the shape of the area to be mapped.
  • Time Delay: New in Windows 10: the clock button. If you click on it, you can set a time delay of 1 to 5 seconds for the next screenshot. This enables you to capture screen elements that are only visible when you hold down a certain key or the mouse pointer, for example a drop-down menu.

With another click you load the video from YouTube. In this case, YouTube can set cookies over which we have no influence.

How do I take screenshots in Windows 10 using browser add-ons?

The keyboard shortcuts for screenshots on Windows 10 and the Snipping Tool allow you to take screenshots of what you can see on your screen. But what if not all important information is visible at the same time - for example with one scrolling website? In such a case, you can use special add-ons for your browser.

For Google Chrome, for example, Fireshot or Awesome Screenshot can be used - the latter can even be used to create videos from the screen. Fireshot also works with Mozilla Firefox, and you can also use Awesome Screenshot Plus.

And so it goes:

  1. Open your browser, click on the link to the add-on of your choice and press the "Add" button on the opening side.
  2. The add-on is installed automatically and appears as a Button on the top right under the address bar of your browser.
  3. Just click on it to adjust all settings and take a screenshot of a full website.
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