Ps3 turns off when switched on

Does your PS3 beep three times after switching on after 2 seconds and switch to green yellow and then off again or just switch off afterwards and then flash red?

Then you also have the PS3 Yellow Light of Death Error called PS3 YLOD Error for short.
We can fix this with this PS3 Ylod repair.

Which models does the repair work on?
There is a barcode on the back of the PS3, there is e.g. the following sequence of letters: CECHC04. The X stands for the country code, this is not important for our table below.

CECHC0X = 95% repair success
CECHG0X = 95% repair success
CECHH0X = 50% repair success
Unfortunately, we cannot free CECHL0X and PS3 Slims from the PS3 Ylod.

If this is unsuccessful, we will charge a flat fee of only 25 euros plus shipping.

What do we do at YLOD's?

We don't use a hot air dryer and blow dry for a few minutes, but use an expensive dark infrared station with a heat profile developed by us that does not break the GPU. The broken solder joints under the GPU are restored and the PS3 runs for a long time again.
During the repair, we of course also clean the inside of the PS3 and remove the old thermal paste, which you have to do, and replace it with new one.

After processing, we test the function of the PS3 and after the test has ended, the PS3 is ready for dispatch again.

What are the advantages of the repair?

- You keep your device as we do not replace the PS3
- Your saved data on the hard disk remain completely available and will NOT be deleted by us.
- The price is cheaper than a replacement device
- We clean your device from the inside and use it to remove the dust
- You get a guarantee on our work
- With us, the repair only takes a maximum of 3 working days
- If the repair was unsuccessful and you have already paid, you will of course be reimbursed for the repair costs. You only pay if you are successful.

Important informations!

-If there is a game in the drive, do not unscrew the PS3 and take it out, otherwise we have to adjust the drive again, which is misaligned.
Then we charge a flat fee of 10 euros

- If your console has already been processed with a hot air dryer or etc. or has been bought from Ebay and has already been opened, a repair by us may not be successful.

If this is unsuccessful, we will charge a flat fee of only 25 euros plus shipping.

-We only process the mainboard for this offer. Further damage that occurs later, e.g. to the drive, will not be repaired by us free of charge, as this has nothing to do with our PS3 YLOD repair.

Regarding the guarantee for this repair:

You get a month's functional guarantee on our work. Furthermore, we offer a goodwill repair for another 5 months, should it appear again. Usually the repair works 99% of the time a second time, but this cannot be guaranteed. The PS3 YLOD error is a problem with the Playstation 3 and in a few rare cases it cannot be repaired. We always try everything, but the customer always has to pay the shipping costs even if the work is unsuccessful.

What happens after the 6 months:

After the 6 months, we offer you to repair your console for a new PS3 Ylod within the following year for a low cost of 40 euros plus shipping costs with a one-month functional guarantee.
If the repair does not work, you only pay the shipping costs.

How do you ship your PS3?
In a box, which is at least 5-10cm larger on all sides, i.e. the PS3 itself, so that you can pad it well. Never place the PS3 on the box bottom.
The shipping service providers reject all insurance claims in a precisely fitting and too tightly measured box.
We can no longer fix additional damage to the mainboard after shipping.

But nonetheless: our work works for a long time based on experience.

If this is unsuccessful, we will charge a flat fee of only 25 euros plus shipping.

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