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Solo / solo games, the (approx.) Tenth!

  • Good Morning!

    Good as I am, I've already searched for "solo" and "alone" and (I think) read through all the threads on the subject. Based on this and further research, an acquisition list has been created that has washed itself. I would therefore like to start a new discussion, combined with a request for recommendations or advice.

    I LOVE to play solo, not just out of practical necessity, because I don't always get to play with other players, but also really because I really enjoy it. The fact that you only have to pay attention to your own schedule and your own motivation is of course very practical.

    I'm used to playing alone from video games, where I usually prefer the single player campaign to multiplayer. I can basically understand people who say that playing alone has no attraction for them, and IF _then_ video games. But now that I've done Caverna, The Legends of Andor and some games in the Schizo-Against-Me-Self-Testing, I am sure that I definitely want to continue in this direction and solo board games a completely different one Appeal than video games. The touch, the material, huh ...
    Playing alone is like reading a book or hearing a story, I think. The interaction is of course limited - no one else can "disturb" you. You can let your own story run in your head and proceed according to your own rhythm.

    So I like both, and sometimes I would prefer a solo game night to a multiplayer night, sometimes annersrum In other words - for me at least it is really anything but a stopgap solution and I would like to continue to cultivate the enjoyment of playing solo, plus a few recommendation questions:

    1. I haven't played Friday, but it's at the top of my solo list. Apart from that, is there any other, pure one player game that is EXACTLY designed for this and is not AB one player? By that I mean thematic games, not solitaire, solitaire games, etc. I've heard of Hostage Negotiator, but that's about it.

    2. Here are a few confirmation titles that I really only need a quick wave of, because I'm already very sure that they should come sooner or later. But if someone has personal reasons why they NEVER get one of the following titles and would advise others not to do so, then I would be very interested to hear them:

    Imperial Settlers: One of my favorite topics, building a village xD Siedler, I have always enjoyed playing on the PC and reviews and videos so far have all looked great.
    Mage Knight: Also one of my favorite topics, just high fantasy, apparently very complex, looks great (I think), all plus points. Unfortunately expensive.
    Robinson Crusoe's legacy: Subject for me neutral to slightly positive, but never ending praise, the rather complex rules, the presentation and the apparently very good game mechanics have raised it to the "must" category. And there's an extension too!
    Thunderstone Advance: See more or less Mage Knight (cheaper for that)
    Friday: of course xD Inexpensive and specially made for today's solo player, so please.
    Dungeon Fighter: Satirical fantasy, what more could you want. Also relatively cheap. The playing field, however, well ... hope the cards can iron that out.
    Shakespeare and The legacy: I have to admit, the presentation convinces me more than anything else. Hence, opinions would be very welcome.

    3. I think the following titles are more about the order than the question of "whether". I'm totally in love with Caverna (always solo). Since I can play mechanics that I like relatively excessively, I am less bothered by "it's like an XY infusion" if it is really an infusion and not the completely same brew. Therefore: In what order of urgency should I get Agricola, Glasstrasse, Le Havre and Arler Erde? I have to say that I have an extreme craze for cosiness. The hunger aspect in Caverna stresses me a lot in the first few laps, even if it's usually no longer a problem, so Agricola is probably very nerve-wracking for me. On the other hand, I also really like the cosiness contained in the illustrations - just looking at the various dwarfs' rooms in Caverna makes you happy, and in Agricola there are also cozy stables and houses, yeah, and this little pond and the fields too, well, there atmosphere comfort versus game mechanics (im) comfort. What I think is a shame about Caverna, however, is the same card display, which seems to be completely different at Agricola. So, in a nutshell, I think Agricola is a must.
    But since I've been less concerned with Le Havre, Arler Erde and Glasstrasse - should I give preference to one of these?

    And something very specific:

    4. Since I think Dungeon Petz is great about everything except the fact that it is not a solo game, I wanted to ask - is there a solo version? At least I didn't find any

    As always, thank you in advance!

    ~~~ broke with expensive taste ~~~

  • Hello @Pikmin,

    Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the big games you mentioned, as I have never played them all solo and I cannot help you with the Rosenberg titles either, as I did not play all of them (but Le Havre in front Agricola ) But if you're looking for something quick for in between, I'll just throw it OnirimOnirim (second edition) | Board Game | BoardGameGeekin the room that I like to dig out from time to time, and also the solo version of Ebb tide I found it very nice. Ebb & Flow | Board Game | BoardGameGeek. I can also recommend Nations (in general, but also the solo version ) Nations | Board Game | BoardGameGeek and of course The Lord of the Rings - The Card Game , which has already cast a spell over some here The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game | Board Game | BoardGameGeek.

    Greetings from Frankfurt, Helmut

  • I once played Arler Erde solo to internalize the rules and found it even better than the following game for two. Definitely a good solo game, but it can take 2 hours.

    Greetings from the Münsterland


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  • Mage Knight plays perfectly on its own.
    There's even an (unofficial) solo scenario book for this on the internet.
    There is also a very good VASSAL module for Mage Knight, so you can play it on the PC and don't have to leave the game set up if a session has to be interrupted.

    The already mentioned Lord of the Rings card game is also ideally suited for soliars.

    Maybe you are also interested in trying out Wargames / Cosims on its own?
    There are plenty of them that have been specially designed for solitaire games.
    Comancheria (GMT), for example, is very topical.

    I don't think anyone can really be objective - all opinions are subjective.
    Of course, this also applies to me.

  • Victory Point Games and Dan Verssen Games each have their own solitaire series. I especially like the State of Siege series from the first publisher.

  • Hello @Pikmin,

    even I can tell you little about most of the titles you have mentioned.

    On Friday I get out of my closet about once a year, then play 1-5 games (maybe spread over 2-3 days) and then I find it boring again and put it away again. Although when I got it I played it about 20 times in a short period of time before the boredom effect occurred for the first time. Given the price, there is still no mistake in buying it.
    I also really enjoy playing Mage Knight. However, I don't like to interrupt a game in the middle to continue playing the next day, so I only put it on the table if I am about 3 hours. Have time. But then always a pleasure.
    I can also only sign the Lord of the Rings LCG. (I have to get it out again.)

    At the moment I really enjoy playing Terraforming Mars solo. It's definitely worth a look.

    If you like playing Settlers on PC, you can also take a look at 'The Colonists' by Lookout. That should also be great solo. (I've only played it once in multiplayer.)

    At Agricola you are right that it is more nutritionally demanding than Caverna. Back then (2007) I played Agricola solo a few times. Something bothered me that there was no real win / lose. You only had a guideline number of points that you ought to achieve, but it was so low that it no longer posed any challenge as soon as you understood how things were going. I also noticed that I got used to a few ways of thinking in solo play that are more of a hindrance in multiplayer, that's why I stopped playing solo at the time and never really longed for it.

    There are always games that are specially designed for solo play. It occurs to me spontaneously:
    - Hostage negotiator Hostage Negotiator | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
    - The hunters The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43 | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
    - Coffee roaster Coffee Roaster | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

    Although I haven't played any of them and I don't know to what extent they are currently available in Germany or at a humane price. Whether the solo experience is necessarily better than with games that can also be played solo cannot be guaranteed.

  • Since I play a lot solo, I can give you a few titles.
    At the Rosenberg Games, I like Glasstrasse and Arler Erde best.
    Caverna couldn't get hold of Agricola for me. I played Agricola very often, but at some point I lost interest in it.
    In front of the gates of Loyang is very popular with solo players, unfortunately I couldn't get excited.
    I haven't been able to play a festival for Odin and Le Havre yet, but both do very well in terms of the solitaire game.

    Die Kolonisten goes in the direction of the Anno PC series and is easier to play solo for me than in multiplayer.

    Through the Ages is a very nice version of the Civilization PC games. There is a bot that was designed by fans and makes the solo game a nice experience.

    For the Victory Point Games things I can recommend the following:
    Dawn of the Zeds third edition. A complex, but slow and very well explained zombie game with a really great atmosphere.
    Dark Night. Nice game on a small board that lives from its many different heroes.
    Infection. All-1 game in which you develop an antidote against an epidemic. Plays well.

    Gears of War. Implementation of the video game, unfortunately hard to find. Really good part.

    Space Hulk Angel of Death. Difficult card game in the Warhammer 40k universe. If you like the universe, this game is sure to be a good choice.

    Warhammer Quest adventure card game. Similar principle, but with campaign and character development in the Warhammer Fantasy setting.

    Pathfinder adventure card game. Some love it, others think it's too simple a dice orgy. There is a free app that can give you a good idea of ​​the game.

    Aventuria. The adventure card game for the DSA role-playing game. So far I've read positive reviews about it, but haven't played it myself. I was there at the Kickstarter and now I'm waiting for the game.

    Shadows of Malice. Looks like Legend of Zelda. Very nicely designed, but you need imagination to play.

    Race for the Galaxy. With the expansion, a heavy bot was introduced that makes the card game an uphill battle. The game itself is great. Doing business in space with great mechanics.
    Roll for the Galaxy is the newer dice version that I haven't played yet.

    Descent 2 has received an app that replaces the overlord. At the latest, it becomes a dungeon crawler that can also be played solo without any problems.

    Gloomhaven and Sword & Sorcery are coming out soon. Looks like two epic crawlers appear here, which also set new standards for soloists.

    Galaxy Defenders is about to be set up for me. A kind of dungeon crawler with aliens. Looks great and can also be played solo without further ado.

    Arkham horror. If you like the Cthulhu universe, this is a real monster of a game that can be played solo without compromise.
    Eldrich Horror is the newer "light" version of it. But I like it more complex.
    In addition, the Arkham Horror LCG is coming out soon in German. According to the first reports, the solo player will get his money's worth here as well.

    Xenoshyft Onslaught and Dreadmire are nice attempts to turn Starship Troopers into a card game. Here, however, diversity is required through the expansions. Therefore I strongly advise the English version.

    You already mentioned Imperial Settlers. I can only recommend it to you. Most of all, I like it solo rather than multiplayer.

    Mage Knight is another game that I like better solo. Very good mechanics and really demanding. You have to plan and calculate a lot.
    One of my favorite games.

    My absolute favorite by far: Lord of the Rings LCG. Great cooperative system in the LotR universe.

  • Victory Point Games and Dan Verssen Games each have their own solitaire series. I especially like the State of Siege series from the first publisher.

    I can confirm that.
    I found it particularly good here Ottoman Sunset. Next is great Nemo's War, which will hopefully be available again in the second edition in the middle of the year.
    As a nice Kickstarter solo game I still have Deep Space D6.

    If things can be even more demanding, I would also mention solos from GMT, such as Navajo Wars or the recently released one Comanchéria (I didn't play either of them).

    All the games mentioned are not that easy to get hold of, except maybe for now Comanchéria.