How to spot fake exedy clutch

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  • Hello! i have a little problem with my gearbox! when I reach a certain speed then I can no longer shift gears but have to disengage a few seconds and then engage the next gear! if I try it without this pause it cracks ... because I want to get a little more performance out of my 200sx s13 (ca18det) soon, I want to eliminate this small blemish oh and now my question ... vl one of you has an address for me where you can have the gear redesigned or get the material? become the master - slave cylinder and clutch can also swap me because vl who call a good clutch my goal is about 300-350hp! thank you ever for your answers and your help!

  • Repairing the gearbox is very expensive, it is better to buy a used one with few kilometers
    there are reinforced kits for the gearbox to replace, but they cost over 1000 €
    for the purpose of coupling there are quite a few, with a light flywheel around 800 €
    just the clutch itself, around 300 €

  • light flywheel does not cost that much for about 300 € there is one of

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  • I also wrote a clutch with a light flywheel, e.g. ORC and the cost is around 800 € upwards

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    ORC couplings and Osgiken are the best couplings you can still get for ca18det,

    or hold the most power from the ORC approx. 400ps and with the Osgiken you can even drive 480ps and more

    I installed the ORC myself, top workmanship and mobile almost like a standard but has its price

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  • In the price range of 350-400 € I would recommend an RPS clutch, although I can't get my hands on mine at the moment and write a report myself, but many users from the British SXOC have been relying on their clutch kits for years, including those are designed for very high performance and should not really be worse to drive in everyday life than an original clutch. Maybe you can do something with the links, RPS has been known for a few years, especially in drag racing. Also for Skyline, Corvette and Co. offer the clutch kits for over 1000 NM and more, also made of carbon. The torque capacities of the clutch kits for the CA18DET are already extremely high, I guess not many vehicles from the forum get it. Incidentally, they also have lightened flywheels on offer. I think that you can access it without hesitation, including umpteen positive experiences from many users.

    There are two versions of these for the CA18DET:

    Part number: MS-17533-ST
    Type: MAX Series clutch with Street Disc
    Clamp load increase: Stock + 15%
    Torque capacity lbft: 410 (555 NM)
    Price: £ 359.38
    More information:

    Part number: MS-17533-SP
    Type: MAX Series clutch with 6-Puck sprung hub disc
    Clamp load increase: Stock + 15%
    Torque capacity lbft: 510 (690 NM)
    Price: £ 409.69
    More information:

    RPS's MAX Series clutch is a perfect for medium duty use like bigger turbos, more boost, and NOS. This pressure plate has 400-600 extra pounds of clamping force to hold your bigger power. Combine this pressure plate with either a Street or 6-puck Sprung Hub for a great high horsepower street car. The pedal pressure increase is listed next to each application. The engagement is smooth with the Street disc and smooth to slightly grabby with the 6-puck Sprung Hub disc. RPS uses their patented single diaphragm technology as well as their unique dual diaphragm techniques where needed.


  • RPS / Spec is top .... There's nothing wrong with it

    It is important that you stay away from cheap shit ala XTD and Co.

  • again one of the 300-350PS in the S13 wants .... why has nobody shouted that he has to invest worlds in getting fit with the engine?

    first look like the previous speakers say that you will get a gear that is ok. You already have plenty of clutch offers.
    missing than just make new connecting rod bearings and replace a minimum of piston rings. However, if you are serious about the over 300PS come to forge innards not around it and that costs again. then the block in turn has to be at least honored, if not already drilled out ... that also costs a lot

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  • nobody goes into their real problem ... overhauling such a transmission costs a lot of money. If only because not many can do it.

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    I do it properly and that's why forgings come in! engine is completely rebuilt!

    yes somehow i'm not smarter about the gearbox! coupling there is a lot of exedy, act or rps ...

    but what should i do with the gearbox? heard that the inside of the s14 fit into the s13 bell, who can tell me what?

  • The answer to your question is very easy.

    You get a gearbox with little mileage, decent gearbox oil and change the oil. Then n decent clutch kit, whether a twisted flywheel or not, the main thing is that it has no imbalance in it!
    The original S13 gearbox does a lot, you can safely drive 350 hp with it, is not a thing. But if you are really looking for a stable transmission for more than 400PS, then take the Z32. It doesn't fit plug and play, but adapter kits are offered for it.

    Simply pour proper oil into the gearbox and miracles will happen.

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    To give a direct answer to repairing the gearbox, what the others probably don't want ^^:

    You can have it done by any gearbox reconditioner, or you can try it yourself.

    Of course, you can only try it yourself if you don't have 2 left hands. Parts such as seals, synchronizer rings, main bearings, shims and co. Can be obtained from local Nissan dealers, gearbox reconditioners or stop in the USA / AUS ... from the larger parts shops for OEM parts (e.g. Pinnacle NIssan). However, in order to be able to get the parts abroad, you need the part number ... and you get it from Nissan FAST. For FAST itself you should use the search, there are detailed topics about where, how and why and so
    You should also keep in mind that the gearbox is a fairly extensive puzzle after disassembling it, for this you need a clean space with plenty of storage space (at least helpful if you have a large workbench). Don't forget the tools, it can be hairy to loosen the large nut on the main shaft without the right tool ...

    But on the whole, can you do it yourself? Clear yes from me, done several times and works perfectly if you work cleanly

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  • I will have my second gearbox overhauled in winter ...... let's see how well my russian back yard mech can do it
    p.s. he can do that very well and at a pleasantly affordable price

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  • In my opinion it makes more sense, if only the sync rings are due, to have the gearbox overhauled! Why is it so simple, even if someone sells you a used gearbox with the statement that it has a few kilometers down, it may be better than your own old one, but still not as you would like it to be, namely perfect. To have the gearbox repaired should cost around 700 €, if you buy a gearbox from a recycler you would probably have to pay at least 150 € (in the forum less if necessary), then you can add gear oil (so 50 €) and have to install the whole thing, or have it installed. Finally, you can say, better repaired, because you have a guarantee that everything will be done properly, or that can then be drawn in front of the Kadi if it was not done well.

    You should consider whether you want to save and then possibly annoy you, or throw out a little more ashes and be more satisfied with the results. (Write here from my own experience)