How to stay fit without a gym

Keeping fit without a gym - staying fit in difficult times!

In this article we want to present you with a few options so that you can at least keep moving in times of the CORONA pandemic and maintain part of your physical fitness. We do not want to present another video or a series of photos, but rather draw attention to the formats that are already (in our opinion very good).

We are going through an extraordinary time. Everyone probably knows exactly what it is about at this point and may not even want to hear it anymore. The coronavirus, also SARS-CoV-2 (the disease is called COVID-19), is paralyzing our social coexistence up to now and the many quarantine measures lead to many restrictions and events that one could not have imagined before.

Sports events canceled

Numerous events, including - of course particularly important for us - the sporting ones, have already been postponed or are even canceled. Our BVDK Bundesliga and numerous bodybuilding competitions of the spring season will not take place, the European Football Championship 2020 will be postponed, as will - as known today - the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and many others as well. The main reason is to further narrow the spread.

Another point, probably also very important, is the postponement in view of fairness among the athletes. Many no longer have access to their clubs, which were one of the first to close in Germany. After that, the fitness studios and larger public sports facilities were also affected. So how can you properly prepare for your competition without having set up your home studio for home training?

Testing is above studying

The great compilation of the local club TSV Gellersen von 1912 e.V. shows some possibilitieshere. Different areas are presented on their website, so there is variety! Equipment is also not required.

CrossFit Lüneburg also presents new WODs every day at itsInstagram presencethat challenge physical and mental endurance. Let me tell you, CrossFit is no picnic!

Pascal Su (ckow), known from the YouTube KDK scene, has put together something great with this video for everyone who does not want to miss out on stress on their muscles. You need a band, preferably a stronger one (this is shown in the video), and you can train your whole body with its given plan. Click here for the video ➤GYM CLOSED - this is how you train optimally at home (free training plan)

The legend Arnold Schwarzenegger also made a map available free of charge on his social media channels. Apparently even from his active time, with original photos. So it's definitely worth a look for nostalgic fans! These exercises can all be done within your own four walls. He gives you repetition information.Everything can be found in a post on Reddit by him.

So test it out or see what suits you the most and don't let your head hang! Other classic alternatives are still jogging or cycling. The weather is currently inviting you to do this and the decrees that have been issued also allow it.

Keep yourself fit and above all stay healthy!

Sporty greetings
of the heavy athletics Lüneburg e.V. board