What is a Tindaloo Wikipedia


The largest Wikipedia meeting in the world is called “Wikimania”. Here you can see some participants and their friends in Stockholm in 2019.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, i.e. a large lexicon, on the Internet. If you don't know something, maybe you can find out there. So on this website texts are collected in which you can look something up.

Wikipedia is the largest reference work in the world. The name is composed of two parts: The word "Wiki" means "fast" in the Hawaiian language. The "pedia" stands for the English word "encyclopedia" for lexicon.

One of the inventors of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales from the USA. He wanted to offer knowledge to the entire world in such a way that everyone could easily access it. Wikipedia thrives on people volunteering. That means they don't get paid for it. They do this for the fun of knowing, and they want to help other people with their knowledge. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world take part. They call themselves "Wikipedians". The Klexikon is something like a Wikipedia for children.

What is in Wikipedia?

A school in South Africa. The students wrote texts for Wikipedia on Xhosa, a language in this country. They were given small prizes for this, because there is still so little to read on Xhosa.

In Wikipedia you can find something about all possible fields of knowledge and subjects. However, Wikipedia shouldn't really say “everything”, just something that is more or less important. In addition, the content should be factual and neutral, that is, you shouldn't express your own opinion there. If a matter is controversial, the most important thing to do is to express different opinions from important scientists.

The content of Wikipedia is primarily text, but also images and videos. The content is "free", which means that you can use it again elsewhere. But you have to adhere to certain rules. Among other things, you have to say who the authors are.

Who is the head of Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia website is owned by a foundation. This is an organization in which a board of directors makes the most important decisions. The board consists of 10 people from different countries. Jimmy Wales is one of those people.

The foundation has the English name Wikimedia Foundation, in other words: Wicky-midia Faundäjschn. The foundation calls on Wikipedia readers to donate money. This money is used to pay for the computers that are needed to offer Wikipedia on the Internet. The foundation also has paid staff for other technical tasks and to help the Wikipedians.

However, the meeting does not particularly interfere with what is happening on Wikipedia. For example, there is a kind of police force there, the administrators. They take care that nobody misbehaves. The administrators are elected by the Wikipedians.

But even the administrators cannot determine what is on the Wikipedia pages. If there is a dispute, then the Wikipedians have to talk to each other and find the best solution together. Some Wikipedians are quite rough about this and thus prevail. Other Wikipedians don't like this. There is a dispute over how to make Wikipedians friendlier to one another.

  • Awards for people who have done a lot for Wikipedia in German

  • The head of the foundation, Katherine Maher, and Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales