Stepbrother romance manga where the girl

Chapter 1

I wrote this book in 2016 when I was 14. so don't judge me. I've revised all of the chapters many times over the past few years, but you will definitely find bugs.
I often get comments where people make fun of my writing, which makes me sad because I really went out of my way to write the book.
I can handle criticism perfectly, but it's a different matter if you make fun of something and sometimes say disrespectful things.
If you don't like it, please stop reading and save yourself some comments.
Have fun while reading! x

"Chloe, come down. The taxi will be there any minute."
"Okay, let me know when he's there!"

Holy Mother.
It really happens, I now have to say goodbye to my perfect life, here in Cologne. I just don't get it. Why can't my mom's lover just come here, to Germany. I tore my ass up, had to learn English day and night. No, not voluntarily. My mom forced me and kept telling me that otherwise I would be sent to boarding school.
He should kindly come here and learn our language, damn it. German is easier to learn anyway.
Well, you have to discuss that.
Just shut up, I'm not talking to you.
And just get out of my head man I keep talking to myself.
I would have done that long ago if I could, believe me.

"Chloe, the girls are here!
And the taxi too, come on now! "
"Okay, I'm coming!"
How am I supposed to survive this? In California, at a new school, new home.
The best part is, I really do get a stepbrother. I'm going to die. But maybe he's not bad at all, or at least not talking to me if he's bad.
Yes exactly, keep dreaming.

"Zimmer, I will miss you incredibly."
The time has come.
Take a deep breath and don't cry.

Once outside, Hanna, Vanessa and Theo, my best friends, are already waiting. They are actually my only friends because everyone really wanted to be friends with me at my school, and I just don't feel like it because everyone just wanted to become popular through me.
No, I am not in love with myself, I am, no was, one of the most popular girls in my school. I don't know why, but it may be because of my appearance, I really don't look bad.
Noooo, not at all in love with yourself.
I'm just telling the truth
Okay, don't cry now, Chloe, you can do it.

"We will miss you so much, honey."
Okay, that's it.
I started to howl perplexed and took all three of them one after the other in a hug.
"Take care, guys. And we have to skype, every day. Don't forget."
After about 15 minutes of crying with you, my mom intervened and literally forced me to get into the taxi, otherwise we'd miss the plane and besides, the taxi driver is getting angry.

In the taxi, I made myself comfortable in the back seat, put my headphones in my ear, and prepared for my next hideous life.
435 words.
Hope you enjoyed my first chapter .. Just wanted to write such a book! :)