What is Justin doing about the hills?

Hailey & Justin Bieber Your love doesn't stop at pimples either

She is an internationally successful model, he is a music superstar. Justin Bieber (26) and his wife Hailey Bieber (23) are a real power couple. Celebrated, adored and envied by fans around the world. But although their lives seem so glamorous, like most other people, they have to struggle with one or the other problem. In an interview with "elle.com", Hailey spoke openly about the common fight against skin blemishes.

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Hailey & Justin Bieber got skin problems late

In the interview, Hailey reports that neither she nor Justin never had acne as teenagers. Pimples were a foreign word for both of them. Then Hailey started taking the pill a few years ago and her skin changed drastically. Not so rare a phenomenon. While many women with acne take the pill to control it, the hormones often do the exact opposite in women with very good skin. So it was the case with Hailey too. From then on she dealt very intensively with her skin. As a model, clean skin and good skin care are extremely important.

Hailey helped Justin with his pimples

All the research and trying out a wide variety of products should not only help her. Because suddenly Justin also got acne - as an adult. This is also not as rare as one might think. Many have very clear skin as teenagers and suddenly develop adult acne later in life. Since Justin was in public from his teenage years, this was easy to see in him. When his career went through the roof, he was known as the Babyface. The cute boy with the iconic haircut - no sign of pimples. These didn't come until his early 20s. "When he was a teenager where you'd think you'd get acne, his skin was just perfect. And then that came when he was an adult. It was something he'd never had to deal with before," she said Hailey.

To get his skin acne-free, he was prescribed a drug that is very aggressive and attacks and dries out the skin. "I did a lot of research for both of us," explains Hailey. Fortunately, that turned out to be not that difficult. "It was really fun because we have very similar skin types. So a lot of the products that helped me brought him something too. That's why I gave him my moisturizer for his dry skin." Skin care has almost become a hobby for the two of them. So they always look very closely at the other person's skin and switch to action mode as soon as they discover a pimple. The common skin problems only welded the two closer together.