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Children's sickness benefit is intended to enable working parents to compensate for lost wages by caring for a sick child at home. You are not only entitled to the extended pandemic-related child sickness benefit if your own child is sick, but also if childcare at home is required. This applies, among other things, if the school, day care center or facility for people with disabilities is closed due to a pandemic, face-to-face care is prohibited or individual classes or daycare groups are in quarantine.

Who is entitled?

Eligible are legally insured working parents who are entitled to sickness benefit themselves and whose child is under twelve years old. In the case of children with a disability, the entitlement continues beyond the age of twelve. Another prerequisite is that there is no other person in the household who can look after the child. Privately insured parents and parents entitled to subsidies can make a claim for compensation in accordance with Section 56 (1a) of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG).

How many sick days are families entitled to?

In 2021, the entitlement to child sickness benefit will increase from 20 days per parent and child to 30 days and thus to 60 days per child for parents. For single parents, too, the entitlement per child doubles from 30 to now 60 days. If there are several children, a maximum of 65 days applies, for single parents a maximum of 130 days.

Can the entire entitlement be used for school / daycare closings?

Yes. The 30 or 60 days can be used both for caring for a sick child and for care because the school or daycare center is closed, the compulsory attendance is lifted or access is restricted.

If the child is sick, the need for care must be proven to the health insurance company with a certificate from the doctor. To do this, fill out the "Medical certificate for the receipt of sick pay in the event of a child's illness". If a child has to be looked after at home due to a school or daycare closing, a certificate from the respective institution is sufficient.

Do the school or daycare have to be completely closed?

No, even if the compulsory attendance at school has been lifted, access to the day-care center has been restricted or only the class or group cannot go to school or day-care center, parents are entitled.

Does the entitlement also apply if parents could work from home in addition to childcare?

Yes. A claim exists regardless of whether the work can generally also be performed in the home office.

How much is the child sickness benefit?

As before, child sickness benefit amounts to up to 90 percent of the lost net wages.

How and where is the money requested?

Parents apply for child sickness benefit from their health insurance companies and provide suitable evidence that the facility is closed or not attended. The health insurance company may require a certificate from the institution or school to be submitted.

Is there a parallel entitlement to wage replacement benefits in accordance with Section 56 of the Infection Protection Act?

No, if one parent claims child sickness benefit, both parents' entitlement under Section 56 of the Infection Protection Act is suspended during this time.

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