Note how to answer the call

Telephone note template: Record notes perfectly

How do you write a phone note and what information is important?

Not only correspondence (or correspondence), but also personal conversations and telephone calls are part of everyday office life. For correspondence and word processing, you pay attention to DIN 5008. What about verbal information?

The more often you take notes on the phone, the more routine it becomes to make phone notes. If you have already made bullet points for a telephone call, you will know which information is essential for a note in the conversation.


1. Name of the caller

Who does not know it: Just a millisecond after the other person said your name, you have already forgotten it. This can not only happen at a business meeting: When talking on the phone, there is also the risk that the name of the caller will be forgotten. A fatal mistake.

To avoid this, it makes sense to have the caller's name confirmed again at the end of the call. Also find out about the company the caller is representing. Don't be afraid to have your full name accurately spelled out. This will prevent you from pronouncing the name incorrectly or from being unable to do anything with the name.

2. Reason for the call

Make a note of why the person you were talking to called in the first place. This is especially advisable if the information is not intended for you personally. In any case, colleagues and supervisors must know about the background of the call before they call back.

Another advantage: if you know the reason for a call, you can quickly find out which calls you need to prioritize and which you can put on hold. In addition, it is also worth making a note of the whereabouts of the conversation: Is a callback desired or does the person you are speaking to call again?

3. Telephone number of the interlocutor

Make a note of the caller's telephone number: either by asking the person you are speaking to directly or by reading the telephone number from the display on your telephone. If you should have any questions later, you can contact the person you are talking to directly again. The callback number is also important for your supervisors when they receive and work on your phone notes.

4. Notes of key information

Only record the most important information during the conversation. Avoid trying to write everything down to the smallest detail. That just distracts you. In addition, the person you are speaking to may get the feeling that you are not listening to them properly. Write down the notes you take during the conversation in Telegram style. That means: make only short bullet points. You can complete this later.

Also, pause a moment after you end the call to include other relevant information on your note. The mood of the caller or private information can also be important here.

So that you can always query and record all the important details on the phone, it is advisable to prepare a telephone memo template. If you don't want to buy phone pads, you can simply create the template for the phone note yourself. Regardless of whether you record the whole thing on the PC or print it out: Telephone notes make work easier. One reason why even well-versed and experienced office workers use templates.

Pattern template for phone notes

If you want to create a note for your boss or colleagues, the following template for a note will help you. The points of the telephone memo can not only be printed out, but also used on the PC - for example with Microsoft Word or Excel.

Comprehensive phone note example:

Call on: Time:


Call for:




Reason for the conversation:

Customer information on a phone note

Caller's name:


Phone number:

E-mail address:

Reason for the call on the telephone note

The customer called with the request for:

  • Callback to:
  • Perusal:
  • Completion:
  • Visit:
  • Fax message / email:
  • Offer:
  • Miscellaneous:

Other remarks:




Date and signature:

The call is for you? Even then, it makes sense to make a phone note. It serves as a reminder so that you can go through all the information from the conversation again afterwards.

Unlike memos that you take for others, you don't need as many details on your own memo. Usually the contact details and some information on how to proceed are sufficient.

This is what a phone note can look like for you personally

Call on: Time:




Details of the customer on your note

Name of the caller / company:

Phone number:

E-mail address:


The customer called about:


Other remarks:


"Since I could not reach you by phone": When is the wording appropriate?

You are probably familiar with this: you call the business partner but cannot reach him or her by phone. Maybe you will try a second time. But at the latest if you are still unsuccessful, a different approach is called for. For example, you can email us to ask for a call back.

Ask for a call back: Sample email

Dear Mr. Mustermann,


unfortunately I was unable to reach you by phone. Please contact me on 01451/123456.


Many Thanks

Mrs. Meier

You can of course opt for a more informal variant if you know the person you are talking to a little better and maintain a more friendly tone.

"Since I couldn't reach you by phone": informal variant

Dear Mr. Mustermann,


I tried to reach you by phone today - but unfortunately I wasn't lucky. Would you be so kind as to call me back on 01451/123456?


thank you very much

Mrs. Meier

Conclusion: why is a phone note important?

A phone note serves as an important reminder. So that no relevant information is lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday work, it is essential that Record the content of telephone calls in writing.

A good phone note is quick to create. The most important information is included the name and phone number of the caller. The further procedure is also essential for the addressee of the note.

You should therefore write down what further measures your supervisor or colleague should take after receiving the note. If you make the phone note for yourself, it is sufficient to write down the reason for the call in addition to the most important key data.

Templates help Telephone notes based on a uniform standard bring to. Another plus point: Thanks to the prefabricated structure, you can “work through” all aspects step by step - so nothing will be forgotten.

This article contains formulation ideas from Claudia Marbach.