How do the Mantoni suits fit

How to choose the right dress shoes

Nowadays all shoes with lyra perforations are incorrectly referred to as Budapest shoes. The name Budapest actually refers to the very comfortable, slightly wider shape of the shoes. Brogue and half brogue would be the correct names for most lyra perforated shoes.

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Real Budapest shoes have the unmistakable curved wing cap with a pretty rosette and a stepped heel, and are generally a little more elaborate, with plenty of lyric perforations. The half brogue has a straight cap and is a bit simpler. Brogues are often designed with open lacing, like a derby, and like this they are mainly worn with everyday business casual outfits, but they also go well with a tweed suit or casual looks with corduroy trousers or chinos. Half brogues, on the other hand, are usually designed with closed lacing, i.e. as Oxford, and are therefore particularly suitable as shoes for more elegant suit outfits and for more formal occasions.

Budapester, Brogues and Half Brogues