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The summer has Germany under control! Fatal if the air conditioning in your vehicle goes on strike right now. Whether your air conditioning works reliably is no coincidence. With the air conditioning service, defects are recognized and rectified in good time. With regular maintenance, you can prevent expensive consequential damage. We have analyzed the costs for the Climate Check 2020 for you.
Because the price explosion for the refrigerant R134a has made the costs for the air conditioning service more expensive than ever before. A preliminary check and comparison of the offers makes all the more sense in order to tap at least a few potential savings. Below we have a little trick on how to get a tailor-made offer from several workshops to match your vehicle.

Cost: How much air conditioning service do I get for my money?

The filling quantity determines the air conditioning service price! A seal with the information can usually be found in the engine compartment. In this example the Audi A6 under the bonnet. The manufacturer's specifications are 500g + 50g.

The motor vehicle workshops offer the air conditioning service for around 40 to 150 €. If there are defects, then the costs for the repair are added.

You can expect these costs for the individual services:

These maintenance tasks are included in the basic package:

Functional test of important components: compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, dryer and condenser
If there is no refrigerant, the tester corrects the level (a surcharge may be charged for the refrigerant)

  • Pressure check of the refrigeration circuit
  • Visual inspection of the hoses and seals for material weakness, leaks and porosity

The prices for the refrigerant R1234yf are rising rapidly, one kilogram can currently cost up to 250 €. R134a is still used in many vehicles built before 2017. It belongs to a group of refrigerants with a very high global warming potential, the new inventory of which is to be gradually reduced by almost 80% by 2030. To avoid misunderstandings, clarify with the workshop how much refrigerant is included in the service flat rate. Because the refrigerant itself now accounts for a large proportion of the bill. If your air conditioning system loses very little refrigerant on a regular basis, an offer that only includes a small amount of refill and is cheaper is more profitable for you.
In the case of defective components, the costs vary greatly, depending on the model and the hourly rate of the workshop:

Find a cheap air conditioning service offer despite the increased prices for refrigerants, that's how it works!

We recommend the following free providers if you need an air conditioning service, if you need to fill the air conditioning system or if you are looking for a repair to the air conditioning system at a fixed price in your area.
At the Bosch subsidiary drivelog, it is possible to compare fixed price offers for the air conditioning service online. Please note, however, that these fixed price offers are only valid up to 150g of refrigerant. In addition, the all-inclusive price offers are mostly limited to the refrigerant R134a.
Hence our recommendation and a little trick: Obtaining offers from Vergölst and Euromaster. When making an online request, you can choose whether to replace the refrigerant or not. Incidentally, the air conditioning check at Euromaster is free and non-binding.

We recommend servicing the air conditioning system about every two years or at the first sign of a defect. If there is a defect, stop turning on the air conditioning until the problem has been resolved and resolved. The longer you ignore the error, the greater the likelihood of expensive consequential damage. Interventions in the refrigeration circuit and topping up the refrigerant may only be carried out by trained specialists.
Use our search masks to calculate how much your personal air conditioning service package will cost in your region.

Make an appointment here

With these providers you can book your air conditioning maintenance and the free check from the comfort of your home.
Both have their advantages:
At Vergölst you can do the maintenance up to 250G including refrigerant or can be done cheaply with disinfection.
Euromaster also offers a combined service including refrigerants and Disinfection and the air conditioning check is free.

Find out now via the links what you like more:

Mistake number one: too little refrigerant

This is what the air conditioning service looks like: An air conditioning system is currently being filled.

An intact air conditioning system loses up to 10% of the refrigerant per year - this is normal. There are air conditioners that are 100% tight. Don't just blindly rely on it. With the regular climate check you can assess your system well and adjust the interval times sensibly.
If the fill level is low, the compressor only builds up the required pressure under full load and is poorly lubricated at the same time. The pressure switch then prevents the compressor from running dry. At the same time, the hoses and seals dry out and harden over time. This allows even more refrigerant to diffuse through the plastic.
If a large amount of the refrigerant is repeatedly missing, then you have to assume that there is a leak. There are different methods for searching for leaks:

  • The mechanic injects contrast media into the circuit. If the contrast medium leaks with the refrigerant, it can be easily localized with the UV lamp. The air conditioning system remains filled for this application.
  • A leak detector detects even small amounts of halogen gases and detects leaks even in places that are difficult to access.
  • If the air conditioning system is empty, the test with nitrogen has proven itself: the gas is filled into the circuit under pressure. The tester searches for the escaping gas acoustically or with a leak detection device.
  • If the mechanic fills forming gas into the empty refrigeration circuit, he can use a sensor to locate the damaged area.

The air conditioning wants to be used

If the air conditioning system is running, the oil in the refrigerant evenly wets the surfaces with a thin protective film. This prevents hoses and seals from drying out. The compressor remains well lubricated at all times and lasts a long time.
Years of non-use can damage the air conditioning compressor not only from a lack of lubrication. In older vehicles in particular, the compressor sticks to the sealing ring after long periods of standstill and high refrigerant loss. Even if you have the system refilled, the rotating rotor will damage the sealing ring. The refrigerant can escape quickly and the compressor seizes up.
With the air conditioning you can keep a clear view in winter: you dehumidify the interior and thus reduce the windows fogging up. If your air conditioning system refuses to work, it may be due to the outside temperature: Many models automatically switch off the air conditioning system at temperatures below 3 ° C to prevent damage.

Disturbed cycle: when components fail

The air conditioning compressor draws in the gaseous refrigerant, compresses it and presses it into the condenser under high pressure. You can recognize compressor damage by grinding or rattling noises when it is switched on. The defective compressor can damage other components through wear-related metal chips.
The condenser removes the thermal energy from the compressed refrigerant, which condenses. It is located in the engine compartment directly behind the radiator and can be hit by small stones there. If the lamellas are broken or bent, the heat is poorly dissipated.
The expansion valve takes the pressure out of the liquid refrigerant. This allows the refrigerant to return to its gas state. The refrigerant extracts thermal energy from the environment. This process takes place in the evaporator located behind it, which cools down in the process. The fan motor blows the cold air on the surface of the evaporator into the interior.
If a component in the circuit fails, the other components no longer fulfill their function. If you have any problems, simply make an appointment in the workshop. With our search masks you can easily find a good offer near you.

Fresh wind and good air

If fungi and bacteria have settled in your ventilation ducts, the air conditioning system smells. Ensure good air quality: like an ice-cold glass of cola, the humidity condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator. If the vaporizer remains damp when parking, it provides an ideal breeding ground for undesirable microorganisms. Don't let it get that far, there are simple measures to counteract the contamination:

  • Change the indoor air filter once a year and use an air conditioning cleaner to get rid of harmful germs. It is easy to use: you spray the cleaning foam directly onto the evaporator with a hose. After half an hour you start the engine. Open the air vents and turn the air conditioning on. Spring is best for small plastering: the humid months are over.
  • Turn off the air conditioning about five minutes before you arrive. This allows the evaporator to dry sufficiently before you park the vehicle.
  • Use a disinfectant spray for air conditioning systems as a preventive measure: turn off the spray in the footwell and switch the air conditioning system to the highest level. The procedure takes about a quarter of an hour. During this time, no one is allowed to stay in the passenger compartment.

Sensitive people and allergy sufferers are particularly sensitive to the pollution of the air they breathe. Your passenger may already notice the contamination even though you still can't smell anything. Mold carpets and bacterial colonies are not only harmful to passengers: dead germs can form a slimy layer. If this layer hardens on the evaporator, you have to have the component replaced.