Actress who plays Senior Renesmee

Renesmee doesn't think Robert Pattinson is cute

Little Renesmee already plays a major role in Breaking Dawn 1, after all, her mum Bella is pregnant with her and is practically devoured from the inside by the little one, but she only makes her big appearance in the second part. Because then the half-human, half-vampiric girl keeps her parents busy. The daughter of the Twilight dream couple Kristen Stewart (21) and Robert Pattinson (25) is portrayed by the child model Mackenzie Foy (10). The ten-year-old is actually lucky to be able to stand in front of the camera with a crush of girls like Robert, but she doesn't even think the British actor is cute.

Can you believe it? But Mackenzie actually has opposite MTV let it be known: "I don't think he's cute." Maybe that's because the young actress plays Rob's daughter in "Breaking Dawn". That is why she adds very diplomatically: "He's very nice and everything, but he's more like a friend or brother or father to me." Mackenzie also has a few nice words to say about her film mother Kristen. “Kristen is an amazing, sweet, wonderful actress and I am so happy to be able to work with her. She is an incredible person. "

Very wise words for a girl of her age. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is already a star himself and is recognized by paparazzi as well as by their fans off the film set and asked to sign autographs.

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