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Are you over your ex

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No matter how long you have lived with your partner, as long as you are allowed to spend part of your life with that partner, every separation hurts. If you part on good terms and if this separation occurs with mutual consent, the pain of separation may only last for a short time.

In the case of a one-sided separation, this is more likely not the case. Every word, every gesture and every touch hurts. Many affected people think that they have long since left the breakup, but heart and mind are two different things when it comes to love. But there are a number of signs that clearly show that you are definitely over your ex (or not).

Does curiosity grow as soon as the ex's name is mentioned?

It has been a few months since the breakup and you are actually fine and no longer painful. Actually! Is it still so, if only the name of the said is mentioned in some context? No? Then this is clearly an indication that the topic of ex has not yet been completely dealt with. And even more so if you also want to ask what was said, panting after the exact wording and possibly asking so obviously that the narrator notices it immediately. However, if you don't really care what was said and a certain disinterest grows, then you are definitely back on the ship and can look ahead.

He calls and you don't feel like talking to him

The cell phone rings and the ex's number and picture appear on the display. Whoever thinks about the best excuse to keep the conversation as short as possible or doesn't even want to answer the phone and even want to have a short small talk with them Ex has lost, he can count himself lucky. If every conversation with the ex bores you, annoys you, or is it just an annoying evil that you just don't want to face anymore, then you have also managed to reduce the importance of having to deal with your ex and that's just as well.

Do you reminisce with a smile on your face?

As hard and painful as the breakup may be, as soon as it is a thing of the past, it should be concluded with it. This does not mean that you simply forget everything that has passed and experienced, but learns to take it with you as another experience of life and keep it in positive memory. Newly separated people cannot do this at first, which is not always easy depending on the time they were together and the respective reason for the separation. But if you can finally think back to this time with a smile and even have to smile, then congratulations, you have also successfully overcome the breakup.

It does not hurt anymore?

If you now think back to that time with your partner and the great pain in your stomach in your heart and soul no longer matters and you suddenly only feel a certain sadness, then you are also ready for a new encounter. Because those who carry old things with them are never open to a new relationship. Even if you persuade yourself that the new partner is exactly the right person shortly after the breakup, it is usually the person who is supposed to provide comfort during this painful time, isn't it?

Certainly there are exceptions where the radio actually sparks again after a short time and a new relationship develops. But usually not. So it is better to let time pass by, watch the grass grow a little and only then feel how it feels to be alone. Taking the plunge into a new relationship when the heart isn't ready usually goes wrong.

A first encounter doesn't knock you down?

Most of the newly separated are afraid of this: A first meeting after the breakup and possibly with a new partner by his side. A nightmare that many have dreamed and will dream. It is difficult to adjust to this situation, especially when children are involved. When He stands at the door for the first time after the breakup and picks up the children, a very difficult situation.

But actually only if you can't quite cope with the new situation inside. But it is the same when you suddenly face each other out of the blue. In a café, restaurant or bar, possibly with a pretty, young companion, does it really leave you cold? If so, that is a very clear sign that you are strong enough for a new encounter. Does it knock you out, are you angry and jealous at the same time and you want the ground to open up and you can disappear into it? Then you will need some time and patience.

You don't find it so attractive anymore?

Most women can't imagine that, but the fact is that most women who have split up don't actually want their ex back later. In fact, they can no longer imagine that they have ever lived happily with this partner. Often it takes a certain amount of time before you realize that this partner never really suited you and that you should have split up much earlier.

You only get to this insight at a later point in time, some never get there and are satisfied with this situation. If your ex is facing you and you feel a kind of discomfort around him, then that is the first sign that you have already broken away from your ex inside. Then there is also a kind of incomprehension that can be found with the question: "How could I?" and at the same time with the answer: “I really don't know anymore”, then you are definitely ready for new paths.

You don't care what He's actually doing

In the beginning, revenge is the most important goal for you to pursue. Every step of Him is observed and every word is placed on the scales. When he goes around the houses with a pretty blonde, they forge real plans for revenge. A woman's vengeance can be far more nasty than some man could have imagined in his wildest dreams.

However, if the desire for revenge flattens, it is actually no longer relevant who he goes with when and where. In the truest sense of the word, don't you give a damn what he's up to? Congratulation! They did it, they are over their ex and can confidently jump into new adventures and maybe fall in love in whole new and exciting ways. Conclusion: Only when the heart is really free are you ready for a new love.


Of course, these seven points are only guidelines, but if you really get over each of them, there is a good chance that the heartache is over and you can head for new shores. It is important to distract yourself and not cling too tightly to the past. In most cases, distraction and friends are helpful. On the other hand, you simply need a certain amount of time to process the grief. Casual flirting on a single exchange can be one of many ways to deal with potentially new partnerships.

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