How to install the mcrypt extension in cpanel

Mcrypt extension is missing in 04/14 Server for MySQL

The php mcrypt extension on Ubuntu 14.04 shows that it is installed correctly, but phpmyadmin says:

My current PHP configuration is here. If you need more information, please contact me through the comments.


Try this:

It should show up under / etc / php5 / mods-available

Edit mcrypt.ini and change the extension to match the path to Example:

Now this:

Make sure there are new files here (these should be created automatically due to the above problem).

Otherwise, follow these steps

Now create symbol links

Restart Apache

Restart php5 or php5-fpm

Just try this:

And then:

I have Ubuntu 14.04 (desktop version) installed on my computer. In this way you can activate already installed mcrypt.

Install the extension for PHP, enable it and restart Apache. The following commands follow:

The Ubuntu package php5-mcrypt installs the configuration file in which the old PHP configuration directory is located.

The current way of activating modules in PHP5 is to put the INI files in the directory. To activate the module in PHP5, you need to create a symbolic link to the associated ini files from the directory to activate the module if PHP is used on Apache and / or if you want to activate this module if you are running PHP use outside Apache is run in scripts from the command line or via crontab.

Also note that you can create the link to the INI file in the directory by prefixing it with a number so that the modules are loaded in a specific order. Useful when you need to load a module that depends on another.

Of course, do not forget to restart Apache if you have activated the module for Apache:

My 14.04 server installation is only required (after php5-mcrypt has been installed)

If the problem persists,

Activate the module by adding: to




In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, to activate the mcrypt module with PHP 5.6:

or with php 7.0:

and then

With PHP 7

You should be able to install the mcrypt extension for PHP by running:

Note that in Ubuntu 14.04 the php5-mcrypt is in the universe repository, which could be disabled. In this case, you need to activate the repository in order to install it:

You have to activate the mcrypt module:

This is the best way to add PHP 5.5 Mcrypt extension on Ubuntu 14.04 server

@ Kevsin's answer worked for me, but I had to run and run that manually to get to work. worked fine for the first symlink.

Note: I am using PHP5-FPM. That may have been the difference.

For those of you who find this, for Ubuntu 16.04 (with PHP7), this is what I did to enable mcrypt:

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