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Replacing the door contact switch on the refrigerator - this is how you proceed

A modern refrigerator can no longer do without lighting. The door contact switch switches on the lamp when the door is opened and switches it off when the door is closed. If the switch is defective, the light will not be on at all. Then it must be checked where the error is.

What you need:

  • Phase checker
  • screwdriver
  • Spare part

How to check the door contact switch

  • If the light in your refrigerator has failed, the first thing you should do is grab a light bulb. It is usually accessible without tools and can be easily replaced.
  • If that does not work, then check next whether there is really voltage on the socket. To do this, unscrew the light bulb and hold a voltage tester one after the other on the thread and on the center contact.
  • If the control does not light up on both contacts and the refrigerator is otherwise working normally, you can assume that the door contact switch is defective. In this case, unplug the plug and start replacing the switch with a new one.

How to change the switch

  • Make sure that you have a suitable component, preferably an original part from the manufacturer. Some refrigerators feed the lighting with low voltage, so it is essential to pay attention to the information on the light bulb. In order to get to the switch, the cover often has to be removed.
  • Depending on where the switch sits, you need to consider how it might be attached. Usually nothing is said about this in the operating instructions because this is a service and not part of maintenance. Sometimes the base and switch can be levered out, sometimes it is fixed with screws.
  • At Bosch, for example, you often have to dismantle the door so that the top panel can be unscrewed. The screws are covered with a clipped cover. Finally hold the door contact switch in your hand, make a note of the assignment of the cables and then pull them off.
  • After connecting the new switch, you should briefly reconnect the plug to check whether there is voltage at the switch. Attention! Do not touch contacts! The interior light should now come on again when you operate the switch by hand.
  • Installation is the reverse order. You can check the function by pressing the switch with the power cable connected. The interior light should go out after a few millimeters of movement, then you can be sure that the light has really gone out when the door is closed.

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