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The prefabricated Fans Flare Clusters are one of the first cluster lash extensions on the market. Like the other types of false eyelash extensions, the flare eyelash extensions are made with the special technology and processing, but the materials are completely different. Such cluster eyelash extensions have adopted the premium quality material imported from Korea. As a kind of cluster eyelash extensions, the prefabricated torch torch clusters are also quicker and easier to use than the conventional false eyelashes, as they can be used both by the user himself and in salons by professional technicians. In addition to all of the above benefits, the pre-formed flare clusters look very natural, just like human eyelashes. In addition, the pre-made flare clusters fans with lower prices have gained widespread popularity among various age groups of women in many countries. If you're still considering the price of other type of cluster eyelash extensions aren't that affordable, our pre-made flare clusters fans are the right choice for you. With such very cost effective flickering eyelash extensions, you can also enjoy the happiness that beauty brought to your life. Private label and wholesale services are available, please contact us freely.