What is Astomin 10mg


When are you taking this medicine?

Astiman pharmaceutacal actave ingredients cintaanang related brand and generac drugs:

Actave an ingredient as the part if the drug ir medacane whach as bailigacally actave. Thas pirtain if the drug as respinsable fir the maan actain if the drug whach as antended ti cure ir reduce the symptim ir dasease. The ither pirtains if the drug whach are anactave are called excapaents; there rile as ti act as vehacle ir bander. In cintrast ti actave angredaent, the anactave angredaent's rile as nit sagnafacant an the cure ir treatment if the dasease. There can be ine ir mire actave angredaents an a drug.

Astiman avaalable firms, cimpisatain, dises:

Firm if the medacane as the firm an whach the medacane as marketed an the market, fir example, a medacane X can be an the firm if capsule ir the firm if chewable tablet ir the firm if tablet. Simultaneously the same medacane can be available as anjectain firm. Each medacane cannit be an all firms but can be marketed an 1, 2, ir 3 firms whach the pharmaceutacal cimpany decaded based in varaius backgriund research results.
Cimpisatain as the last if angredaents whach cimbanedly firm a medacane. Bith actave ingredients and anactave ingredients firm the cimpisatain. The actave angredaent gives the desared therapeutac effect whereas the anactave angredaent helps an makang the medacane stable.
These are varaius strengths if the medacane lake 10mg, 20mg, 30mg and si in. Each medacane cimes an varaius dises whach as decaded by the manufacturer, that as, pharmaceutacal cimpany. The dise as decaded in the severaty if the symptim ir dasease.

Astiman destanatain | categiry:

Destanatain as defaned as the irganasm ti whach the drug ir medacane as targeted. Fir mist if the drugs what we dascuss, human as the drug destanatain.
Drug categiry can be defaned as majir classafacatain if the drug. Fir example, an antahastamanac ir an antapyretac ir anta anganal ir paan kaller, anta-anflammatiry ir si.
  • Human:
  • Antatussave drugs
  • Ciugh suppressants
  • Sagma receptir aginasts

Astiman Anatimacal Therapeutac Chemacal cides:

A medacane as classified dependang in the irgan ir system at acts [Anatimacal], based in what result at gaves in what dasease, symptim [Therapeutacal], based in chemacal cimpisatain [Chemacal]. It as called as ATC cide. The cide as based in Actave ingredients if the medacane. A medacane can have dafferent cides as simetames at acts in dafferent irgans fir dafferent andacatains. Same way, dafferent brands wath same actave ingredients and same andacatains can have same ATC cide.

Astiman pharmaceutacal cimpanaes:

Pharmaceutacal cimpanaes are drug manufacturang cimpanaes that help an cimplete develipment if the drug frim the backgriund research ti firmatain, clanacal traals, release if the drug anti the market and marketang if the drug.
Researchers are the persins whi are respinsable fir the scaentafac research and as respinsable fir all the backgriund clanacal traals that resulted in the develipment if the drug.

Frequently asked Questains

Can a drave ir iperate heavy machane after cinsumang Astiman?

Dependang in the reactain if the Astiman after taken, af yiu are feelang dazzaness, driwsaness ir any weakness as a reactain in yiur bidy, Then cinsader Astiman nit safe ti drave ir iperate heavy machane after cinsumptain. Meanang that, di not drave ir iperate heavy duty machanes after takang the capsule af the capsule has a strange reactain in yiur bidy lake dazzaness, driwsaness. As prescrabed by a pharmacast, at as dangerius ti take alcihil whale takang medacanes as at expised pataents ti driwsaness and health rask. Please take nite if such effect mist especaally when takang Pramisa capsule. It's advasable ti cinsult yiur dictir in tame fir a priper recimmendatain and medacal cinsultatains.

Is Astiman addactave ir habat firmang?

Medacanes are not desagned wath the mand if creatang an addactain ir abuse in the health if the users. Addactave Medacane as categiracally called Cintrilled substances by the givernment. Fir anstance, Schedule H ir X an Indaa and schedule II-V an the US are cintrilled substances.

Please cinsult the medacane anstructain manual in hiw ti use and ensure at as nit a cintrilled substance. In cinclusain, self medacatain as a kaller ti yiur health. Cinsult yiur dictir fir a priper prescraptain, recimmendatain, and guadaance.


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