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The Capricorn man in love: character & personality

Ambition and passion: These are two important character traits and personality traits of the Capricorn. The intensity of his commitment to whatever he wants is also visible when he is in love. Have you fallen in love with a Capricorn man and want to know how he behaves in love? How does he react to seduction and sex? Most of all, how do you conquer it and keep your interest going?

Whether you're just enchanted or looking for a serious relationship, here is everything astrology can tell us about the character and personality of the Capricorn Man in love!

How does a Capricorn man show his feelings?

Men born under the zodiac sign Capricorn have great difficulty expressing their feelings. This can be very frustrating for someone whose language of love is focused on communication.

He talks but doesn't open up much. A very expressive woman can find this confusing. He looks expressive, but as soon as something personal comes up he closes the subject or changes it. Emotions can put him in an uncomfortable situation. So dating a Capricorn man can be frustrating if you don't have enough patience.

Words are not everything. You will notice it by his gestures and behavior when the Capricorn man is in love. Pay attention to the more subtle signs in the way he deals and treats you. He is certainly not the same with the woman he has feelings for or with whom he is in love as he is with other women.

How do you know if a Capricorn man loves you?

When a Capricorn man falls in love, it is clear. He doesn't play games or purposely leaves people confused. He's not the kind of man to act like that.

He is determined when he has made a decision. When he makes a commitment, it is a life-sealed agreement unless he is not respected in the relationship or something serious happens. He will protect you. He will see to it that he fulfills all of his duties. He's the kind of man you can really rely on, no matter what, when he's in love with a woman. He is extremely patient with love and never shows an immediate response to things, good or bad.

You will find how charming the Capricorn man is when you go out with him. He usually chooses the places he loves himself and makes sure that everything is perfect when spending time with his beloved. Organized, he likes to plan special dates, evenings or dinners for the woman he is trying to seduce and conquer. You will see by his gestures and behavior that he is flirting with you and having feelings for you.

He's pretty tough on himself. Hardly satisfied, even when he is considered the best at his job, he is always in a self-critical mode wondering if he has done enough. He will go to the limit to give you the best of himself. He loves the mystery. So if you need to hit him on, be sure to keep a touch of mystery around him so he can slowly explore every facet of your personality.

Are Capricorn Men Loyal and Faithful?

A Capricorn man is a stable man. You can be sure that he is a man who will keep his word. He's nowhere near the charming guy who stares at every woman who walks by. He is direct and has the courage to call things by their names without having to bluff. His loyalty must not be questioned when he falls in love.

He is serious about his relationships. If a man born under the Capricorn zodiac sign invests his time in a woman, it is because he is really serious about the relationship, regardless of whether or not he is able to choose the right words to express his feelings. He usually doesn't know what to say and keeps his feelings to himself. It is difficult for him to connect with his emotions, just as it is difficult for him to connect fluently with his rational thinking. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't love you, on the contrary.

How does a Capricorn man behave and react when injured?

He hides his feelings. It's actually quite difficult to know when a Capricorn man is offended or hurt unless you've spent a lot of time with him to understand him. Actually, he's pretty stoic. Although tough on the outside, he is vulnerable on the inside. Any insult thrown to a Capricorn man affects him because he is extremely fragile.

He is very sensitive to how the world sees him. The reason for this is that he is usually at the top of the social ladder. He may not show how much he is hurt by a breach of trust, but the pain will stay in his memory for a long time because he cannot express his feelings well. He will be hurt or upset and it will take a long time to return to his normal state. This is an frankly cold, indifferent attitude, unlike other zodiac signs that would bubble with anger in such situations.

What does a Capricorn man like and look for in a woman?

Time is precious to a Capricorn man. He doesn't count when he's really interested in a woman. He thinks long term. For him, the woman he chooses must have the perfect qualities of a girlfriend, wife, and mother. So before he gets serious, he'll observe and analyze what works and what doesn't. He's a planner. He likes routine. He wants a woman who understands his professional life, his passion for being at the top of his game, and someone who can support him in everything.

There are very few people in his life to care for. When he shows interest in a woman, he expects her to love him and be loved in return. He needs a woman who is mature, rational, honest, and intellectual. A Capricorn man is a very hardworking man. He spends long hours at work and doesn't give up until he has achieved his goal. To aid this, the Capricorn man wants a woman who is patient and willing to understand his schedule, rather than acting capriciously.

For the Capricorn man, it's all about logic. It is not just the outer self that can attract its attention. In order for a woman to win his heart, she must intellectually share the same frequency with him. If you only care about the face and you have no substance, you will disappoint him. He needs someone who has both feet on the ground and has a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife and everything that is important to her.

He has a good taste for the more subtle things in life. He wants a woman who can appreciate it and share the same interest. As a methodical man, things have to go their own way. He seldom accepts the opinion of others and considers his thoughts and opinions to be the best. He wants the woman he loves to be able to follow his passion and wisdom. However, he is not resentful and forgives those who have hurt or offended him. But he expects dedication in return, and that is something he will never compromise with.

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