Hissing noise in your head when you are hungry

Noise in the head - what to do?

You suffer from a strange noise in your head and you don't know where it's coming from. The doctor has not found anything so far. But you can easily prevent this noise in your head.

What you need:

  • no stress
  • low-salt diet
  • Reduction of obesity
  • Iron therapy

Noise in the head is a perception that is often defined differently. Many associate this noise with tinnitus, which is also an acoustic perception and merely a symptom and not a disease in the causal sense. The perception of tinnitus can take place in one or two ears and has nothing to do with the actual external sound that hits the ears. In addition, the perceived noises are often described as hissing, cracking, humming, knocking or even hissing. In addition to tinnitus, there are other causes for your head noise.

Noise in the skull can be very uncomfortable

  • Another possibility for a noise in the head can be high blood pressure, which usually does not occur on one side, but on two sides, since the high pressure also affects all blood vessels in your body.
  • You will hear your own blood rushing through your head yourself. And most of the time dizziness and palpitations also develop.
  • A slightly less common cause can be a pseudotumor cerebri. Translated, this means "apparent swelling of the brain". This describes an increased intracranial pressure without an actually identifiable cause. Despite the name, no tumor is detectable here and so it is also seen in medicine as benign overpressure in the skull.
  • Symptoms for this are: headache, rushing in the head, flashing in the eyes, feeling of pressure in the head, dizziness, tinnitus, abnormal sensations on the skin. A pounding in the head in time with the heartbeat can also occur. Not all symptoms appear at the same time and together; only one or two can be caused. In order for the disease to occur, overweight is often the decisive factor. Iron deficiency or hormone disorders and certain medications such as tetracyclines, cortisone therapies or a vitamin A overdose (hypervitaminosis A) can also be responsible for this.

Have noises in the head checked by a doctor

  • If you have constant noise in your head, you must definitely have this clarified by a doctor. Unfortunately, it is often the case that doctors do not believe you or do not listen to you properly. Trust yourself and see other doctors until you find the right one.
  • Rule out possible causes yourself, for example avoid being overweight. Also have your blood pressure checked regularly.
  • Avoid too much stress and also lie down in a quiet, darkened room during the day, if possible.
  • Do not smoke, as this will severely constrict your blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Also, avoid a diet that is too salty.

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