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Landwehr Canal

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Instance ofcanal,
national waterways in Germany
Named after
LocationCharlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Tiergarten, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Mitte, Germany
Connects with
Heritage designation
Date of official opening
Elevation above sea level
Mouth of the watercourse
Drainage basin
52 ° 29 ′ 52.08 ″ N, 13 ° 23 ′ 33 ″ E
English: The Landwehr Canal connects the upper part with the lower part of the river Spree. It was built between 1845 and 1850 and flows through Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin-Tiergarten and Berlin-Kreuzberg (main part). In Kreuzberg a long part of the Landwehrkanal is accompanied by the Berlin U-Bahn, which runs here as an elevated railway. See also: Category: Bridges over the Landwehr Canal in Berlin
German: The Landwehr Canal from the years 1845/1850 connects the upper Spree with the lower Spree and flows through the districts of Charlottenburg, Tiergarten and Kreuzberg (main part). In Kreuzberg, a long section is accompanied by underground line 1, which runs here as an elevated railway. The bulge of the “Urbanhafen” is a historical relic of a dismantled port. The former Luisenstadt Canal, which was filled in in 1926, branched off at the Urbanhafen. See also: Bridges over the Landwehr Canal

Maps [edit]

Charlottenburg [edit]

  • River Spree at mouth of Landwehr Canal

  • "Dovebrücke", built in 1911 (first bridge towards east)

  • Detail stonework “Dovebrücke“, built in 1911

  • Park beside "Marchbrücke"

  • “Marchbrücke“, built in 1911, with a historical tower-house

  • “Marchbrücke“, built in 1911, with historical sandstone portal

Zoo [edit]

  • Schleuseninsel (Lockisle) near “Charlottenbrücke” of en: Straße des 17. Juni, (de: Straße des 17. Juni), restaurant-ship and cavitation tunnel / Restaurant-Schiff und Kavitationstunnel of the “Research Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Shipbuilding” (VWS)

  • Schleuseninsel - Cavitation tunnel of the Research Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Shipbuilding (VWS) / cavitation tunnel

  • "Unterschleuse" (lock) Tiergarten with S-Bahn

  • “Unterschleuse” (lock) Tiergarten with train

  • "Research institute for hydraulic engineering and shipbuilding" at "Unterschleuse" (lock) Tiergarten

  • Impression close to lower lock

  • S-Bahn bridge over sidearm around Lockisle / S-Bahn bridge over the side arm around the lock island, ship "Volldampf" of the "German Museum of Technology Berlin"

  • dto., and historical ornament at pier

  • Lützowufer, close to Lützowplatz

Potsdamer Platz, Reichpietschufer [edit]

Reichpietschufer and Schöneberger Ufer (opposite) belong with her main parts to Tiergarten and with the rest to Kreuzberg. At Potsdamer Platz runs the border between the two districts.

  • Reichpietschufer / Schöneberger Ufer, view to "Köthener Brücke" and bridge for U-Bahn-2

Hallesches Ufer, Tempelhofer Ufer (Kreuzberg) [edit]

  • U-Bahn train crossing the Landwehrkanal and the old bridge of the former Berlin-Anhaltische railway

  • U-Bahn train crossing the Landwehrkanal and ...

  • U-Bahn train crossing the Landwehrkanal and the bridge of the Berlin-Anhaltische railway around 1900

  • Hallesches Tor (station, U1)

Waterlooufer, Carl-Herz-Ufer [edit]

  • Promenade at "Sommerbad Prinzenstrasse", across from Carl-Herz-Ufer

Urban harbor (Kreuzberg) [edit]

de: Urbanhafen

  • Urbanhafen, bank between Segitzdamm and Erkelenzdamm. This place was up to 1926 the mouth of Luisenstädtischer Kanal, which was reworked afterwards into a park.

  • The same place, swans on frozen water

  • View to the south bank with restaurant-boats and street "Planufer"

  • Fraenkelufer seen from the water

  • Fraenkelufer at Urbanhafen, view from Admiralbrücke

  • Restaurant-boat, opposite Fraenkelufer

  • Map Böcklerpark with Urbanhafen

Fraenkelufer, Planufer (Kreuzberg) [edit]

Between Urbanhafen and Kottbusser Brücke / Paul-Lincke-Ufer / Maybachufer is situated the Fraenkelufer and opposite on the south bank the Flat bank

  • Fraenkelufer at Admiralbrücke

  • Fraenkelufer / Corner Admiralstrasse

  • Fraenkelufer, orthodox synagogue

  • Fraenkelufer, orthodox synagogue

Paul-Lincke-Ufer, Maybachufer (Kreuzberg) [edit]

  • View from "Kottbusser Brücke" to "Paul-Lincke-Ufer"

  • View from Kottbusser Brücke direction of Neukölln

  • Residential houses by Wilhelminian style

  • ... the same house, detail

  • Residential house by Wilhelminian style

  • ... the same house, detail at the roof

  • Cathedral of electricity, listed transforming station, built in 1924/28 / de: Listed former substation Paul-Lincke-Ufer, built in 1924/28 by Heinrich Müller. In Berlin vernacular: Cathedral of Electricity.

  • View east from the Ohlauer Bridge

Last part, upper lock, Lohmühleninsel [edit]

In his last part in the Landwehr Canal is situated the de: Lohmühleninsel, the east side of the canal is called "Flutgraben". His north part flows at Oberschleuse (lock) to river Spree. The part also belongs to Kreuzberg, at the border to Berlin Alt-Treptow.

  • Thielenbrücke at the border to Neukölln

  • Heckmannufer (opposite Lohmühleninsel)

  • Lohmühleninsel, Treptower Bridge

  • Treptower Bridge and Flutgraben

  • Flood trench with houseboats

  • Former wheelhouse of the hydraulic engineering inspection, was used to collect excise duties

  • Oberschleuse (the "upper" lock) seen from Schlesische Brücke

  • dto. in winter, river Spree in the background

  • dto., on the right Lohmühleninsel

  • Alfred and Gustav Felix Flatow memorial plaque at the Flatow sports hall

  • First petrol station (2003)

  • First petrol station with motor service area in Berlin from 1928/29 (listed) (2005)

  • Lohmühleninsel, Cutout from Pharus-Plan 1902.

Varia [edit]

  • Lohmühlenbrücke over the Neukölln shipping canal at its confluence with the Landwehr Canal

Art & Memorial [edit]

  • Lesser Ury: At the Landwehr Canal in autumn

  • Artwork at "Einsteinufer", Charlottenburg

  • Graffiti at Stadthaus Böcklerpark (Prinzenstraße), close to Urbanhafen