How to demagnetize a magnet with heat

Solutions to Magnetism I Multiple Choice

1. Which substances are attracted to a magnet?
Iron, nickel, cobalt.

2. What are the two poles of the magnet called?
North Pole and South Pole.

3. is it possible to make a single magnetic pole?

4. How can you tell which is the north pole of a magnet?
The magnet is rotatably hung on a thread.

5. Which magnetic poles attract each other?
Unequal poles.

6. What happens if you break a magnet in two?
You now have two magnets.

7. How do you magnetize a screwdriver?
xBy stroking it several times with a magnet.

8. What happens to the elementary magnets when a non-magnetic piece of steel is magnetized?
All elementary magnets align.

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