What does retrocardiac opacity mean

Opacity (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Reference works do not know the plural, but example sentences can be found with the plural form.
Grandpa | zi | ity, Plural: Grandpa | cites
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˌOpaʦiˈtɛːt]
Word meaning / definition:
1) medicineProperty, for example of the cornea of ​​the eye, of being cloudy or opaque
2) opticsProperty of being opaque, opaque to light
Origin of the term:
Derivation (suffixation) from the adjectiveopaque with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -ity
from Latinopacitasshadow
Related terms:
1) Cloudiness
2) light reflection, opacity, opacity
Opposite words:
1) Clarity
2) Transparency, Pellucidity, Translucency, Transparency
Application examples:
1) "To take with age - that is also what the slit lamp teaches - opacity of cornea, lens and vitreous. "
1) “As stated above, it is often difficult to trace the pathogenesis of sharply delimited Opacities can be explained solely by trauma, especially in the case of symmetrical involvement of the first permanent molars. "
1) “The term denticle denotes two hard substance formations that are completely different in terms of morphology and origin, which occur in or on the edge of the tooth pulp, with a larger extent in the X-ray image than Opacities become recognizable and can significantly impede root canal treatments. "
1) "Shadows or Opacities (bright) arise where the X-ray beam cannot expose the film (image receiver). "
2) “The terms Opacity, Transparency and translucency describe the light permeability of an object: Metals are absolutely opaque. "
2) “The measured Opacities (Galvanometer reading for the emulsion / Galvanometer reading for the line) for the two weak steps of the standard line are plotted as a straight line against the relative exposures of the steps. "
2) “But also arbitrarily high Opacities can hardly be achieved in the real world of printing. "
Word formations:
Opacity value
Nominative: singular opacity; Plural Opacities
Genitive: singular opacity; Plural Opacities
Dative: singular opacity; Plural Opacities
Accusative: singular opacity; Plural Opacities

Practical example sentences

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These tools can contain prejudices built into them that are sometimes difficult to determine because the systems are secret, protected by copyright or proprietary rights, or inherent in them opacity are veiled.
netzpolitik.org, November 10, 2018

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  • opacity
  • opacity

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opaque: ... or the meaning is unclear. Typical word combinations: 2) opaque formation Derived words: 1) opacity translations English: 1) opaque French: 1)…

transparency:… 1) The transparency of a material Opposite words: 1) Non-transparency, opacity Examples of use: 1) Glass has a high degree of transparency. English translations: ...

haze: Cloudiness, opacity 3) a state of smoothness, confusion, fuzziness, ambiguity, incomprehensibility 4) poetic: pleasant smell, fragrance Synonyms: 1) mist, reek, smog, fog 3) daze, muddle, spin Examples of use: 3) The victims were still in a haze and couldn't describe the accident

Thesaurus: -ity:… Obliquity Obsessiveness Obscurity Obscenity Odiosity Officiosity Opacity Operability Operativity Opportunity Orality Originality ...

Diaphaneity: Permeability, transparency, light permeability, pellucidity, permeability, transparency Opposite words: 1) Opacity Examples of use: 1) “The transparency of air

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