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Business administration which direction?

Hi @ all,

I would like to start studying in the winter semester. I'm already sure about the direction. I know that I want to do something in the field of economics. I also know that industrial engineering is not for me.

And yet there are so many possibilities in which direction you can go with business administration. And I don't feel right there, I just don't know which direction to go?

I am currently very unsure about the right course of study and would be very grateful for any tip.

Greetings Frankee
Matoser  πŸ“… 28.02.2008 16:39:43
Hi, how did you come to the conclusion that Wing is not for you?

I am currently standing between the decision BW or WIng. There is much more to Bwler than Wiing.

So, the main directions that business economists are needed in the world are:

Marketing (instead of saving and laying off, more likely to conquer new markets, find, renew, promote innovations, advertise, set prices, market research, sales)

Accounting (controlling, risk management, statistics, bookkeeping, taxes / becoming a tax advisor, auditing / with business law)

Then there is human resources (competition from educators, social sciences, psych. WipΓ€ds)
Or logistics (controlling the flow of goods and production / competition from INgs, Winfs and Wiings)

And then there is business administration for industries such as banks, insurance companies ...
student86  πŸ“… 28.02.2008 20:59:26
Just ask what you want to know, we can't look into your head ;-)
Guest1  πŸ“… 28.02.2008 21:18:10
If you think you can, then definitely do something technical-scientific like mechanical engineering or at least a mixture like Wing.

Pure business graduates are a dime a dozen. Of course you can also make a career with it, no question about it.
But - and in this regard, for example, the starting salary and labor market statistics are clear - in technical and scientific matters, the chances of getting good jobs are simply higher.

first of all thanks for the answers.

@matoser and Gast1: So I was at a student counseling service and the woman said I should think about where I would like to work in a company later and then I can think about the course that will take me there. And that's just not the industrial engineer.
The problem I have with the Bwl is the fact that there are so many students studying it. I am totally interested in the topics and everything that the Bwl brings with it. On the other hand, I am 25 when I start studying and am therefore afraid of choosing the wrong course. The period in which I have to apply is only slowly coming, so a decision has to be made soon.
I'm definitely thinking about doing my master’s degree so that I’m a bit more qualified.

I'm pretty at a loss as to all of this. It's like buying a laptop, there are so many, you look at offer after offer and in the end you don't even know which one to take.
Guest1  πŸ“… 29.02.2008 09:52:17
"I'm definitely thinking about doing my master's degree so that I'm a bit more qualified."
Depends on your grades. This cannot be planned 100% in advance - unless you have the financial means to study abroad - from 3.0 you will definitely get something in Australia, for example, provided you have enough cash
But that's still a long way off ...

"The problem I have with the Bwl is the fact that there are so many students studying it."
But there are more merchants who have never studied. You can definitely set yourself apart from them with a degree ... Incidentally, a developed economy simply needs a large number of "administrative people". The fact that the starting salaries and career opportunities in business administration are significantly higher than in the humanities, for example, clearly shows that business people are still in demand.
And with the right (= difficult, abstract) specialization subjects, business administration is certainly no longer a commonplace study. Finance, controlling, auditing, investment calculation, etc.
guest2  πŸ“… 01.09.2013 17:01:14
What would actually be better? Direction for a tax advisor or an accountant?
Logra  πŸ“… 01.09.2013 17:07:20
What about logistics? Is it an easy study?
IceTeaMan  πŸ“… 12.09.2013 09:38:48
Certainly nothing is simple.
To be honest: just start studying business administration. The focus is only chosen in the 3-4 semester, until then you have a lot of time to think about it. You can also talk to the other students during this time and find out the right SP for you.
IceTeaMan  πŸ“… 12.09.2013 09:40:17
sry, just see that the thread is ancient ...: /
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