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The woodpaw gnoll

Search the Woodpaw Gnoll camps in southern Ferala for evidence of the courier's whereabouts or his belongings.


Our 'friends', the forest paws, may have caught Raschal in the end, but somehow I have the feeling that something else happened. Anyway, it might be the best starting point to start your search.

I just wish I knew what to do, but all I can say right now is, 'Search the Woodpaw camps. Get on your way. ' I know gnolls keep items they get hold of and squabble over them. Maybe they found the backpacks Quint mentioned. Without Quint's visions, I would never have sought a direct confrontation with them during previous searches, but now I would say: At them with a roar!


Two large leather backpacks are nailed to a nearby tree. Both have the insignia of the Feathermoon fortress on the front ...


You get:


Upon completing this quest, you will receive:
If you enter the following in-game, you can check that you have already completed this:
/ run print (IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (4131))



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