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It has already been decided where the 2020 Olympics will take place

The Olympic Games are of course the largest sporting event, which is an international competition in various sports, held every four years. The next Olympic Games will take place in Rio in 2016 - in the "soccer" city of Brazil, which, by the way, will also host the World Cup this year. Today the location will also be determined where the 2020 Olympic Games will be held. The host country will be Japan.

Olympic Games: a brief digression into history

The Olympic Games originated somewhere in ancient Greece around the 8th century BC. They were part of a religious cult dedicated to the Greek gods, according to the legend that inhabited the sacred mountain for the Greek Olympus (hence the name of these sports competitions). The Olympic Games of the ancient Greek era numbered about 293 games (from 776 BC to 394 AD). At that time, of course, they were only part of a few sports, but for that time they were a large-scale sporting event.

Modern Olympic Games

The second life of the Olympic Games was in 1896year, when the French public figure proposed to revive the tradition of sports held in the ancient world. It was then decided that these games would be held every four years. The Winter Olympics were also introduced in 1924. To organize this great event in Paris, the Olympic Charter and the IOC were created. This organization will determine where the Olympic Games will take place for many years to come. In 2020, for example, all sports fans will be invited to summer games in Tokyo.

This was decided for 9-10 years last yeargames. By the way, the place where the Olympic Games are held is not a country, but an oppressive city. But as early as 1896 when the charter was founded. According to its statutes, the Olympic Games should unite athletes from all over the world, all races and countries to conduct equal and fair competitions.

Summer Olympics 2020

The 2016 Games in Brazil have not yet been held and we have everyone ready to say about the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun. You're thirty-two in the account. Before determining where the 2020 Olympics will take place by the end of summer 2011, many European, Asian and American countries have submitted their applications to host. After that, the International Olympic Committee had to do a great job of analyzing a country's capabilities, conditions and resources and identifying the main candidates for the thirty-second Olympic Games. They were the capital of Spain - Madrid, the capital of Japan - Tokyo, the Turkish port city of Istanbul, the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku and the capital of Qatar - the city of Doha. The last two were eliminated from the list of main candidates on May 24, 2013.

So the main candidates are all three. "So where will the 2020 Summer Olympics be?" - this question interested many, especially the inhabitants of these three cities. However, an exact answer to this question was only possible on September 7, 2013. On that day, the capital of the most grandiose sporting event was to be chosen at the regular meeting of the Olympic Committee in Argentina. And it became Tokyo. The capital Japan received 42 votes while Madrid and Istanbul each received 26 votes. For the first time in this city the Olympic Games took place in 1964, 56 years later the Olympic flame is lit again under the sky of Tokyo and the beginning of the thirty-second Olympic Games is announced. Soon after, all the mass media in the world are trumpeting where the 2020 Olympics will take place. Of course, the residents of the Japanese capital were happy because they will experience one of the most important sporting events.

Is Tokyo Ready for the 2020 Olympics?

The capital of the Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most developed cities in the world. There is a highly developed infrastructure, including in terms of sports facilities, and all of this was likely taken into account by the Olympic Charter when deciding on the capital city of the future Olympic Games.

Tokyo - the capital of the future Olympic Games

Since 2013, Japan has been preparing for the most important sporting event. After it was decided that the 2020 Olympics would take place in the capital of their country, construction of several new sports facilities began. However, what is already available in the country is more than enough to host games of this magnitude.

An opening and closing ceremony is held at Meiji Temple, as well as competitions in athletics, football, and rugby. Table tennis tournaments are held in Tokyo Sports Palace, and handball games are played in Yoyogi. The area of ​​the Palace of the Emperor of Japan in Tokyo is designed for competitions in judo and bicycle races. There will be weightlifting competitions in the Tokyo International Forum building and the world's best amateur boxers will compete in the Ryokoku Kokugikan. Volleyball games are played in the Olympic Park. In the gym, Ariake will hold competitions in sports and rhythmic gymnastics as well as jumping on the trampoline. The Odaiba Marine Park is designed for sports such as swimming and triathlon. The "Water Olympic Center" is intended for other water sports. In the youth arenas "A" and "B" there will be badminton and basketball games. Various sports, namely archery, equestrian sports, are played on the island of Dreams. Competitions for other sports are held in new sports facilities (under construction and existing) rich in the capital of Japan.

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