Diagram of how groynes work

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    In the picture opposite we can see the number of young people (per 100,000 population) who are in prison in different regions of Australia and in different years: in each case in June 2016 at the top, in the middle of June 2015 and in June 2011 at the bottom.
  1. In which regions was the number of halves more in 2015 than in 2011?
  2. Someone claims that there were more inmates in Western Australia in 2016 than in Southern Australia. Is something so true and why?
  3. Someone claims that the percentage of inmates in Western Australia in 2016 was higher than in Southern Australia. Is that true and why?

  4. Lisa watches the antenna on the roof of a building. Your eyes are 1.73 m high, the antenna itself is 2.8 m high. Lisa sees the lower edge of the antenna at an elevation angle of 67 °, the upper edge under 74 °.
  5. In the figure, label the 74 ° angle, the height h of Lisa and her distance s from the "base" of the antenna.
  6. How much is the angle

  7. In the adjacent diagram we see a so-called damped oscillation.
  8. Read off the maximum deflection from the diagram!

  9. The so-called enveloping function is an exponential function of the form:
  10. Read the parameter m from the diagram!
  11. In which range should the parameter u lie? Explain!

  12. One package contains exactly 5 blue, 4 white and 7 red gummy bears.
  13. A gummy bear is pulled twice without putting it back. Draw the appropriate tree diagram.
  14. Calculate the probability that after pulling twice without replacing, exactly or at least a non-white gummy bear will be pulled!
  15. How much is the probability that after 7 pulls with replacement exactly or at least 5 pulled gummy bears are not white?
  1. Northern Terrritory, Queen Island, South Australia
  2. We don't know, absolute numbers are necessary
  3. Yes, percent also equals per 100,000
  4. and together, h = AF = DP, s = AD = FP
  5. approx. 2.2
  6. approx. 2.5
  7. 0