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Make a school cone: 8 quick tips and DIY ideas

Would you like to make a nice school cone, but you don't know exactly how to get started?

Where can you find the perfect blank? What should you watch out for when doing handicrafts and decorating? How do you make a school cone that is guaranteed to please the little desk heroes and is also very personal?

Back to school has been an exciting time for us for years and I think it's almost a shame that the subject of school cones has now been closed for us. My son is going to high school this summer - are school cones embarrassing for twelve-year-olds? Haha, guaranteed!

How good, then, that every year I can think up, explain and implement the craziest school cone ideas for all of you professionally.

But how can you make a personal, cool school cone? The colorful traditional sugar cones for an exciting start to school do not have to be complex or difficult to make.

On the contrary: with a little preparation and imagination, the most creative school cones can be tinkered with child's play. The basic materials are almost always the same and when decorating, creative romping is simply the most fun!

Make your own school bag with step by step instructions

In this post I will show you the basic steps on the way to the first DIY school cone, as well as DIY ideas and insider tips, with which you can easypeasy make a beautiful school cone yourself for the start of school. Your kids are more than welcome to help you, especially when it comes to the decoration and details!

With the step-by-step handicraft instructions you can be sure that nothing will go wrong. And to make the whole thing a bit faster and easier for you, you can of course find a few finished school cone craft sets in the WLKMNDYS shop.

Each set contains exactly the right amount of material and a step-by-step booklet with my super tricks for easy crafting. How about a rocket school bag for little astronauts? Or maybe you would prefer a cute, colorful school cone as a handicraft set in different colors?

Here is a quick overview of each step and tip:

  1. Basic material for a school cone
  2. Tinker and prepare the blank school cone
  3. Make the school cone closure
  4. Choose the motif for the school cone
  5. Seal the school cone
  6. The best craft materials and tools for decorating
  7. All-round carefree school cone craft sets with my super tricks
  8. Make a school cone with instructions

Everyone who has always wanted to learn the basics of the school cone has come to the right place today. Because whether you are making a blank school cone yourself or attaching the closure perfectly: Today there’s the big load of Andrea Potocki tips! Here we go!

1: Basic material for a school cone

If you want to make an individual school cone yourself, you need certain basic materials.

The basis for all school cones is the school cone blank, which is either classically round or square. I'll show you how you can make it yourself, but the round protective bag blanks are also available in my shop. Brand new also here in bright colors!

All of our school cone craft kits contain everything you need for crafting. If you want to tinker everything yourself, you will need the following materials for the base:

  • sturdy photo cardboard - the larger your blank should be, the larger the photo cardboard has to be. For a school cone up to 50 cm long you need the format 50 x 70 cm, for a large school cone (a length of 70 cm is classic) you need a photo cardboard in the size 70 x 100 cm.
  • pencil
  • yarn
  • broad brush and tap water
  • Crepe paper for the closure
  • Craft knife and scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks - our new low melt hot glue gun is perfect because you can't burn your fingers so quickly.
  • Tacky Tape - this is particularly strong, double-sided adhesive tape and you can get it here in two widths
  • possibly glue stick
  • long ruler and tape measure
  • Stapler or office stapler and staples

2: Prepare the school cone blank

First you can decide what size your blank should be.

You want one whole small sugar bag handcraft? Then choose a length of about 15 cm. A Sibling bag is classic about 35 cm long and one classic large school cone has a length of 70 cm. Of course, you can also choose a completely different length.

Use a ruler or tape measure to mark the length you have chosen on one side of your photo box. Now tie a piece of thread or cord to the tip of a pencil and become a living compass.

It works like this: Put the tip of the pencil on your marking and with the other hand stretch the thread and “pin” it with your fingernail at the lower corner of your photo cardboard. Now draw a semicircle with the thread always under tension.

Phew, it's not that easy to coordinate all these movements, is it? Still made it? Excellent!

Not perfect yet? No problem: just erase the crooked line and start again.

A quarter circle is too big for a school cone and the proportions are wrong. Therefore, you can now determine the perfect size of the opening.

Small sugar cones (15 cm long) have a circumference of 22 cm, sibling cones (length 35 cm) have a circumference of 39 cm and the large 70 cm long school cones have a circumferential opening of approx. 52 cm. Now use a tape measure to measure this length on the circular line and connect this point to the corner of the photo cardboard.

Now you only need one step over, i.e. the adhesive edge. Draw a line 1 cm wide as shown.

Now it's time to cut out - yay!

Stick a strip of tacky tape (extra strong, double-sided tape) on the overlay.

Rolling the blank is really not child's play and takes some practice. The sturdy paper may not easily bend into this round, pointed shape by itself. Especially at the tip, the paper defends itself with all its strength and creases easily. That doesn't look so nice.

But here's my trick: Use a wide, soft brush to wet the lower part of the paper with a little water - it shouldn't be too much! Wait a moment so that the little water makes the paper a little softer. Don't worry, you won't see anything of the water later.

Remove the protective film from the tape. Now hold the tip of the paper with one hand and use the other hand to pull the upper edge onto the crossing line.

One would like to have eight arms now, I know. If you have helping hands from loved ones nearby, then use them!

I always glue the places at the opening together first and work my way to the tip. It can help to put the tip of a pencil into the bag to shape the tip of the shoulder bag nicely.

Don't despair - tinkering a blank school cone yourself is really not child's play, although it looks so easy. But you can do it with a little sure instinct. I also screwed up one or the other blank at the beginning. And it doesn't have to be perfect either, when decorating later you can hide a lot.

If you want to make a particularly stable blank, then you simply prepare two of the blanks, plug them into each other and connect them at the top with a craft glue.

Does that sound too complicated? You can simply buy basic blanks. Just do it! Brand new in the range: colored blanks!

3: Make the school cone closure

The school cone closure is made classically from crepe paper and is available in all colors of the rainbow at a reasonable price.

My great trick is that I cover one edge of the crepe paper with masking tape as a finish.

The paper tape sticks perfectly to the crepe paper, but make sure that you don't stretch the crepe paper when sticking the tape. The school cone closure is so much nicer as you can see in the picture below, and the little detail is beautiful, isn't it?

Variant 1 - stick to the outside of the blank

Cut a piece of crepe paper to the size of your school cone opening.

Now simply apply some paper glue to the outside of the edge of the school cone and stick the paper over it.

Always press it down so that it sticks well! When gluing you can stretch the crepe paper slightly, then it hugs nicely. Overlap the end a few inches.

Of course, you can also attach the closure to the inner edge of the school cone - just as you like.

Instead of paper glue, you can also use hot glue.

Danger: Some glue sticks discolor crepe paper. That doesn't look so nice. Look for a solvent-free product and it's best to do a test before you start. I like to use this glue stick with a sweet almond scent.

Variation 2 - more beautiful volume through simply made folds

With stapling pliers or an office stapler, you can simply fold one side of the crepe paper web into folds and staple them in place.

The wrinkles don't have to be super regular! With a tape measure you check again and again whether you have already reached the required length for your school cone opening.

Remember that you want the beginning and end to overlap a few inches later. The best way to glue this wrinkle crepe paper is from the inside with low melt hot glue. Alternatively, you can stick a narrow strip of double-sided tape on the inner edge of the bag.

4: Choose the motif for the school cone

Now it's getting exciting! When your school cone blank is ready and the closure is attached, then the fun can begin.

Which topic does the schoolchild wish for?

Here are a few ideas, but maybe you have much better ones? Please tell me in the comments which topic is particularly popular with your kids!

  • Space, rockets and astronauts
  • Mermaids
  • Submarines
  • unicorns
  • Fire brigade and police officers
  • sea ​​animals
  • Soccer
  • Horses
  • dinosaur
  • Dragon

5: Close the school cone

The bulging school cone can be wonderfully closed with a pretty grosgrain ribbon or fine satin ribbon.

You can make colorful tassels out of colored tissue paper (I have explained how to do this here) and also attach them to the fastening tape. It looks so pretty, like here with the heroes of the school cone.

6: The best craft materials and tools for decorating

In your handicraft fund there are guaranteed to be a lot of great materials that are great for personalizing your school cone artwork.

How about stamping? Pretty motifs can be stamped with simple graphic patterns!

Or just the complete ABC? This stamp set is a lot of fun and with these large letter stamps made of silicone you can stamp the most beautiful lettering in the “neon sign look” on the school cone.

With motif holes you can punch shimmering scales out of mirror cardboard or glitter paper - I'll just say: mermaid!

Eye stickers are a must for anything with a face!

With the small mini stickers you can easily stick confetti dots.

My absolute favorite material is various masking tapes. Have you already tried the shimmering metallic tapes or the fluorescent tapes with the super intense colors? The new glitter tapes not only make children's eyes shine.

Basically: Everything is allowed! Be brave. Be creative.

7: All-round carefree school cone craft kits with my super tricks

Making school cones yourself can be a lot of fun, but if you still want to take a shortcut, I have just the thing for you:

I have packed all my ideas, favorite materials and super tricks in all-round carefree school cone craft kits, with which everyone can easily become a school cone master.

A ready-made school cone craft set is especially perfect if you just want to save time. Everything is included in the set in exactly the right amount so that you can get started right away:

  • School cone blank
  • everything to decorate your dream bag
  • a step-by-step instruction booklet with my insider tips

All you need is stapling pliers or an office stapler, as well as a small hot glue gun with glue sticks and handicraft tools, which will make your work easier and which are definitely available at home.

Here come the most beautiful DIY school cone craft kits!

Rocket school cone craft set

The rocket school cone as a handicraft set is finally here! My husband implemented the original space dream a few years ago and I spent a long time tinkering to make a simple step-by-step handicraft set out of it. Because a DIY handicraft set should be as simple as possible, so that the handicrafts are fun even for not that experienced creative fans.

In the box you will find the classic hexagonal 85 cm school cone blank. Incidentally, it is produced by a German family company according to my wishes. I love it!

School cone craft kit: Incredible school cone heroes

Would you like to make your school cones brightly colored and colorful? Perfect! The Incredible School Cones Heroes Craft Set comes in four enchanting colors that give you a lot of creative freedom when doing handicrafts.

With this handicraft set you can easily create a very personal piece of art that heroically conjures up the excitement at the side of the future schoolchild and also puts you in a really good mood!

Which is your favorite color? I'm looking forward for comments!

8: Make a school cone with instructions

In the last few years I have implemented some ideas and shown the DIY school cone instructions here on the blog. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for? Here are the highlights!

Tinker rocket school bag

This DIY rocket school bag was an absolute hit a few years ago! The hexagonal blank school cone made the rocket launch for my son's entanglement and here on the blog I was really happy about your comments and your positive feedback!

Yellow Submarine school bag

This is what it looks like when you put your passion for music in a school cone - I am incredibly enthusiastic about this Yellow Submarine school cone that the magical Martina Hargesheimer shared here on the blog.

So if there are a few more Beatles fans out there, this DIY idea with step-by-step instructions will be your best chance to convince your future schoolchildren of your favorite musicians!

Make shrimp school cones

The shrimp school cone is just a pretty crazy and incredibly ingenious idea for all young school starters. You can find the instructions exclusively here on my blog and to make handicrafts even faster and easier, the shrimp is available in two sizes as a template to print out.

So now all you need is a school child to surprise you with the wild seafood!

Colorful school cones

If you want to make the school cone fast, this school cone with colorful patterns is the perfect DIY idea for you. You only need to buy a blank or do handicrafts yourself, colored adhesive film of your choice for decorating and tulle, crepe paper and grosgrain ribbon for the closure.

Here you really have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to different graphic patterns. The future schoolchild of course has the say when it comes to favorite colors and decorating.

Make a sugar bag yourself

You can easily make these simple and fast DIY sugar cones in no time with the help of your children. Using colored construction paper, colored tinsel and adhesive dots in various sizes, this trick turns into every child's personal school cone favorite!

Making a school cone: not that complicated, right?

So now I'm curious whether you've found your perfectly quick ideas for making a school cone here.

Tell me: Which idea do you like best? Or do you still have questions about crafting steps? Just write to me! I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy school enrollment everyone!

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