How to Learn Pyrokinesis Powers


Aerokinesis can produce gusts of wind, hurricanes, air shields and air balls. This also makes it possible to clean the air. Aerokinesis is the ability to control winds, storms and air molecules. Thus can

Aerokinesis users provide themselves longer underwater with air by accumulating air.

The training for aerokinesis can be found below

training[Edit | Edit source]

"I connect with the air. I am the air."

Creating wind, technique 1

You mount a spring on the ceiling and position yourself under it. Then you imagine how it moves - but you only look at the air next to the spring and try to move it towards the spring. After a while, it will actually move.

Then practice with heavier and heavier objects that are also closer and closer to the ground.

Creating wind, technology 2

Sit cross-legged and place your palms up on your thighs. Then you close your eyes and concentrate on what you feel, hear, taste and think. Now relax and breathe deeply in and out. After all, you focus on the air. Is she cold Or is it hot? How strong is the wind Now you let the wind carry your thoughts. Then you think about making it stronger, for example, and visualize how the wind is increasing. In the beginning you only do this with strength and speed. Later with: "Bring me this and that" or "Woe there and there" or finally: "Deform yourself so and so".

Do not go to the next exercise until you have done that. And everything! This exercise is really only for beginners, so that they can learn to control wind with the help of words. But if someone wants, he can use this technique if he has difficulties creating, not manipulating the wind, otherwise not!

Creating wind, technology 3

Push the right palm forward into which you want the wind to blow and visualize the wind.

Creating wind, technology 4

Observe branches in bushes, trees or anything else that move in the wind. Make the wind move them harder, more and more

Creating wind, technology 5

Put a sheet in front of you. Visualize your energy making the air move. Be careful not to breathe out too quickly, as this may bother you.

Reinforced breath

Imagine air energy rushing into your nose. It flows through the entire head and only then into the mouth. Make sure that your mouth stays closed and thus trap the air energy in your mouth. Breathe normally through your nose. Now open your mouth and blow the air energy out of your mouth. Imagine how it shoots out and strong winds come out.

Psi ball

Make a psi ball and imagine how the air is being sucked in by the ball.

Air explosions, easy

First let the wind blow in your face. Then bend it to the left or right and let it blow around your body faster and faster. Do not stop! Discover your limit! Then shape your hands like a [[psi-ball]] and put them in the wind. Then direct the wind between your hands. He should still be spinning around. Hold it for a while just to make sure it is between your hands and not going out. Then shape it further into a ball: it still has to spin around wildly! Then hold it again and then let some of your energy run into the ball. Imagine how it then explodes, in all directions. You may just feel a slight breeze, but you made it!

Advanced exercises[Edit | Edit source]


First you have to meditate for 1 hour, it is not necessary, but recommended. Then you have to conjure up wind with your eyes closed and imagine yourself letting your own anger flow into the wind. After all, you have to imagine how the wind forms a spiral or a funnel. This exercise is very difficult and takes a long time if you want to master it properly.

Compress air

This technique can be used to make an air blade. Visualize air molecules condensing into a blade; an air shield. Visualize how air molecules gather around you and make a shield that looks like a bubble, or jump high and concentrate on the air under your feet and condense at the highest point, so you can also walk on the air.

Run faster

Control the air in front of and next to your legs and feet. Then move the leg elsewhere to create a vacuum. So there is less air resistance. Less drag = faster running, kicking

Air pressure wave

Visualize air molecules being drawn in to your hand '' '' '' and then like a wall piling up in front of them. Visualize how the air flows through the hand into the body and the hand builds it up. Feel the air in your body. Put your hand on the wall of air molecules and visualize how the air in the palm of your hand radiates out of the wall. Then steer air pressure out of your hands.

Ban wind

Create a wind, push your left palm against the wind and visualize a force field around you that will keep out any wind.


First you have to meditate. Then you visualize silver energy around you. This energy has the shape of a sphere. Feel yourself with the wind and the air. You are the air If you get this step right, you should feel lighter. Now comes the harder part. Imagine you start to float. Just let it happen. Feel that there is not beneath you but air. Stop everything. As soon as you get the hang of it, you will be able to float.

To fly

Stand up. Visualize air energy going from your chest to your arms and legs. Then visualize how the energy is being squeezed out of your arms and legs with full force. Use it as some kind of drive. Do not try to do this under a blanket and only with a very soft floor, and for the beginning fly no more than 2 meters high, the floor must consist of mattresses or something so that you do not injure yourself, as steering and landing must still be learned. If you can soar, try to steer by holding your arms in the opposite direction from the direction you want to go. Try 2 meters above that extremely soft ground to fly in circles. Then try to land by steering downwards and steering upwards just before the impact so that you "stand" a few centimeters above the ground. Then stop pushing air energy from your arms.

Exercises for a Master[Edit | Edit source]

Air purification

It's a very tough technique, but it can be mastered. Stand in a comfortable position with your arms on the parts and create a shield, filling it with as much energy as you need for the situation. Visualize the shield being filled with pure air. Concentrate on the edge of the sign where the bad air is drawn in and then spat out as clean air. When you're done, let your shielding merge with the air around you.