The bapiret2 system receives an error message when sending an SMS

SMS does not work

If the sending of the SMS fails, the smartphone doesn't always have to be broken. It can also be due to the following: If you are at large events with many people who also have the .. SMS: Sending failed - that could be the reason In football stadiums, on New Year's Eve or at other large events, the network can quickly fail due to overload. You then have .. Mobile phone: SMS can no longer be received - you can do this First restart your mobile phone and try to dial into the mobile network again. Imagine ... In busy public places or in places where a lot of people are at the same time, the network is ..... Usually the problem is associated with an update or an error in the server. Your situation may vary. Troubleshoot problems sending or receiving messages Make sure you are using the latest version of Messages. If you have a SIM card, make sure it ..

If the sending of short messages (SMS) does not work, it is often because the number of the short message center (SMSC) was entered incorrectly in the mobile phone. To re-enter the number of the short message center, go to Menu> Course messages, then under SMS settings> Short message center. Your iPhone may not be sending SMS messages for a number of reasons. The simplest explanation is that your iPhone has no network or that your provider's SMS service is overloaded. Also a .. You would have to find the setting in the SMS app under Settings -> Additional settings -> SMS -> Message center, the number should be +491710760000. Actually, the cell phone should read the number from SIM, where it should be stored correctly

. There are several reasons why an SMS from your network operator does not arrive at any given time. SMS cannot be received - these are possible reasons. The older a cell phone is, the fewer opportunities one has to write and send an SMS. Usually there is only one program for this task, so software problems are relatively unlikely. Much more often, poor reception is responsible for the fact that an SMS cannot be received.

If the sending still does not work, check the phone number of the SMS center. For most devices, the SMS center is automatically set correctly. Instructions can be found in the A1 help for mobile phones and tablets. The phone number +436640501 must be entered as the SMS center in the settings. Hello, good Computerbase team, why is an SMS from these pages not arriving at every number? Not that I want to promote these sites, but I tried these (where it doesn't. The following error message has always appeared since the update: Um mit Hangouts SMS to send, activate the SMS-Function. I never knowingly have Hangouts or any other SMS-App installed, find this too Not in the application manager. Before the Android update, the sending of SMS problem-free, now at all Not more Deactivate SMS forwarding for everything a. Start the Settings app and tap on Messages b. Deactivate forwarding to all devices for SMS forwarding and restart the device 4

It is possible to deactivate SMS messages. This is because many users are increasingly relying on WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. However, the activation of SMS can be restored in a few steps. Here are the steps at a glance Check the network connection. To be able to send a message as an iMessage or MMS, you need a cellular or WiFi connection. To send a text message, your device must be connected to a cellular network. If you enable the Wi-Fi calling option, you can send text messages over the Wi-Fi

Here, under Settings -> Messages, the item Send as SMS must also be activated. Important: The SMS are shown in green on the iPhone. If messages shown in blue cannot be sent, then it's about Apple's iMessage - and not SMS. In most cases, the problem with receiving SMS is due to the settings of the Multicard. You also have two SIM cards for your contract, but only one of them is registered on the network. You probably haven't used the other SIM card in a while ?! Please enter the code: * 125 # on your mobile phone which you are using If the SMS dispatch works with your 1 & 1 SIM card in another device, the error is caused by your mobile device or an app installed on it. If the SMS sending does not work with your 1 & 1 SIM card and another device, carry out the test again at a different location. 6 If an SMS message contains critical words, the recipient cannot receive the SMS message. Use a test SMS message to check whether the SMS message can be received normally. For example, send hello, thank you, or goodbye. If the message can be received, it indicates that the message you are trying to send.

SMS do not arrive or cannot be sent

  1. Sending SMS does not work. Since switching my mobile phone to the S9 +, I can receive but not send SMS. No SMS goes out and I get an error message. Multicard is set accordingly, SMS central number checked ..... Hasn't bothered me so far, but annoying in the long run ...
  2. least check whether an SMS has been sent. If nothing else has really changed, I consider a blockage in the phone itself to be the most likely cause. Reply ↓ Wolfgang B. on July 2nd, 2020 at 8:09 am said: I am in Indonesia and am currently struggling with the same problem. The SMS-TAN sent by the bank in Germany usually does not arrive. But sometimes.
  3. Suddenly I can no longer receive SMS from my husband. I still get messages from other numbers and I can send them without any problems. My husband too. He can also send to other people without any problems and they can also receive them. If he writes to me, the message will also be sent, but I just won't get it
  4. However, it can actually happen that the short message with the SMS does not arrive. What can you do in these cases? After all, you want to make sure that you are not the victim of a phishing attack or a hacker. We recommend the following procedure: Do you have a network at all? Try to make a call! Test if you're watching at all.
  5. I cannot send text messages with my mobile phone. It's Samsung Galaxy m20. What should I do

I can also send an SMS, but the recipient never gets the SMS. Do I still have to make an adjustment? M. Martin S. SHIFT Friend. Alpha Tester. Feb 15, 2020 1,050. Dec 24, 2020 # 2 Hello, have you already seen the excerpt from the bug list on the status page (below)? There are a few workarounds for the problem that you can test. If you not only want to send SMS and messages over the Internet with your mobile phone, but also want to send MMS, you have to configure it accordingly. If your new cell phone can no longer do this and it has the appropriate option, your cell phone provider will help you. You can send multimedia messages with almost any mobile phone. The SMS look 100 percent original and the friend you are playing a prank on cannot conclude that the SMS was sent via this app Resellers like Aldi-Talk, 1 & 1 etc.. are also affected. The expansion and modification of the (LTE) networks may cause local network failures. O2 offers a network test that checks the connection: read on here The old SMS method no longer has a future

There can be various reasons for this. For example, the recipient's cell phone could be switched off, have no reception or be defective. If the recipient has activated call barring for all incoming connections, he will no longer receive any SMS. We try 48 hours to deliver the SMS to the recipient. Then we delete them. With the Samsung smartphones of the Galaxy series, it can sometimes happen that SMS are no longer sent, or the status message sending process does not disappear. This is of course very annoying and shouldn't actually happen. But there is a solution to the problem, which we would like to briefly explain to you here. One cause of the error with the sending process is running errors.

If you would like to send an SMS message with your Samsung Galaxy S7, it may happen that this does not work with the pre-installed messaging app. The SMS is simply not sent and gets stuck in the outbox. So what can you do here? The SMS often do not arrive because the large providers have such SMS sending sites in their black lists as unreliable senders. Plain text: These pages are often misused. Tap on ** SMS center number ** or ** Custom SMSC ** (always different depending on the manufacturer) and select the number. Enter the phone number of the short message center of your cellular network and then tap ** Ok ** to save the number. Then switch off the phone completely and restart it so that the settings can be applied. I hope it helps. If not, please take screenshots from.

SMS sending failed - that could be the reason - CHI

SMS verification: Old cell phone number can no longer be changed I can no longer log in because I no longer have the old cell phone number because of the (PSD2) strong customer authentication. How can I update my new number? Test whether you can receive SMS at the moment. Ask a friend to send you an SMS or call your mailbox and speak shortly afterwards - in this case you should receive an SMS notification. If you do not receive a short message, switch off your mobile phone for a minute and then switch it on again. For a few days I have not been able to make any more transfers, because I simply do not receive any SMS with the Tan Code - or not in time. It's not my device, I had several test SMS sent, all of which arrived within 1-2 minutes. It is also strange that I got the SMS tan for Postbox (hours later), but not the SMS with the tans for the transfer itself. I don't want to try any more and try again. I haven't been able to send SMS for two days (receiving works). My subscription is an InOne mobile S and I use a Samsung S9. The error message is message cannot be sent. Where could the error be, or which setting has to be changed? thanks

You can find the number of the SMS service center in the settings of the menu item Messages or SMS. The name for this varies depending on the end device. Please keep us up to date whether it was because of this and is now working. Best regards Melanie W SMS not sent. If the message cannot be sent or the system indicates that the text will not be sent, there may be several reasons. Why can I not send or receive SMS? If you are a MultiSIM user, you can only write and receive SMS on one of your devices at a time. Another reason could be a full SMS memory. This is indicated by a flashing envelope in the display

Cell phone no longer receives SMS - that could be the reason - CHI

SMS is actually always possible. cu. Last edited: 01/11/2014. Gina2014 new member. 01/11/2014 # 10 Innosend is practically the same as goodmails. The sms from the e-mail accounts are even more reliable, but they don't even get through. LG Gina. R. rihntrha Guru. 01/11/2014 # 11 Well. From innosend I know that you write a phone number in the sender field. And the free SMS. You enter your transfer details in online banking as usual and send the order. This can be from a PC or mobile via a smartphone or laptop. A window with a graphic opens on the monitor. You now insert your Sparkassen-Card (debit card) into the chipTAN generator and hold the device in front of the graphic. The light-sensitive contacts on the back of the device now read in the order data. This saves you having to type it in manually. Can by hand. But it may well happen that the SMS key simply does not arrive on your cell phone, for example if there is a malfunction in the cellular network or a PayPal malfunction. We show..

Fix problems with apps that don't work Receive and reply to messages from apps that are not installed Switch from iMessage to Messages for SMS / MMS Check that call forwarding is activated. Go to Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding and make sure it's off. Check if Filter Unknown Senders is activated. If the setting is activated, a caller must be listed in your contacts or in the Recent list. AW: Long SMS no longer work Basically, short messages (aka SM = short messages) are not intended as a replacement for chat, messenger or e-mail , and yet it is now. Short Message Service (English for short message service, abbr. SMS) is a telecommunications service for the transmission of text messages, which are usually called short messages or SMS. It was first developed for GSM mobile communications and is also available in various countries in the fixed network as a fixed network SMS. Additional services can be connected via SMS gateways

Why can't I make calls with my smartphone? If you are having trouble making or receiving calls on your Samsung smartphone, the following tips can help you determine what is causing the problem. If the tips shown here do not provide a solution, contact your network operator. Troubleshooting the call settings. Safe Mode: Launch. Question: Q: SMS does not work More Less. Apple Footer This website contains user-posted content, comments, and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Based on the information provided, Apple can provide or recommend answers as a possible solution; however, since there can be several factors responsible for each potential problem, which are referred to in the.

SMS messenger has stopped working - here's how to solve it

  1. You need the SMS service to make online payments. You will also be informed about card transactions in real time by SMS. You can simply register for the SMS service in HVB Online Banking. If you are not registered for online banking, please contact the HVB card service
  2. eller hacker who uses SMS or text messages to deceive their victims. The aim is to make the incoming message appear to come from a trustworthy person or organization. The objective is to access sensitive personal data (e.g. online banking access data) or to compromise mobile devices
  3. I can easily send text messages to her iPhone XR from my Galaxy S10. However, if she sends me an SMS, she gets the message that the message cannot be delivered (Not delivered - tried several times on different days). Sending to me from another iPhone (not Congstar) works fine
  4. SMS. Why is an SMS going out but not being delivered? Where is she going No confirmation of sending for over 3 months, but still billed. Answer question
  5. Actually only works at the moment. You can send 2 SMS per day. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes when the quota is just exhausted.,, etc. etc. confirm that the SMS has been sent successfully, but it NEVER arrives. Lost time! Good luck

I can receive SMS, the message failed when I sent it. Can this be related to the Mi browser? I had agreed to this shortly beforehand. Device started several times, soft reset carried out. I do not know how to continue. Who can help me. Oh yes, I have a Redmi 5 plus, the system software is up to date. The oldest form of text messaging in cellular networks is SMS. It also works across providers. Photo: It is well known that you can not only make calls with a cell phone. SMS messages - this abbreviation stands for Short Message Service - are still very popular with many users. SMS reception not possible: Unfortunately, since this week the reception of SMS no longer works, but I can still send SMS. The problem persists regardless of the sender. Before that, everything worked perfectly, I have a Lumia 950 XL. Thank you in advance for the trouble. Read more .. Phishing SMS (parcel tracking), what can I do? Hey dear people, For a few days I have been receiving messages of this kind very often: Of course I don't press the link and immediately block the numbers, but can I somehow do something else so that I don't get them anymore? LG ... show complete question. 2 answers Aisha2510 03/21/2021, 5:12 pm. I had one of those. I've tried everything: iMessage reactivated, iPhone switched off, software update, airplane mode, reset network settings, added email, updated my own iMessage data, created a new contact, deactivated iMessage for a longer period, switched off SMS, deactivated and activated FaceTime etc. but NOTHING works. The funny thing is, even if I turned SMS off, it still sends SMS and it shows that too.

Problems sending or receiving messages as well

How does the TAN work via SMS? You will receive a TAN by SMS directly to your cell phone number. A security question that is only known to you can be asked at random. For you, this means even more security when making payments on the Internet. What is the security question? The security question is an extension of the existing SMS-TAN procedure. In the. Question: SMS no longer works. Creator soulred; Created June 20, 2017; S. soulred already knows its way around. 20 June 2017 # 1 My messaging app is suddenly called 'massaging'. But it is worse. :-) SMS & Co are a great way to keep in touch if you use them with your head! :-( If you just start texting, you can not only ruin friendships, but also your reputation

SMS is not sent - CC

  • - SMS from other companies, banks and credit cards work without any problems, ie it is not due to the mobile phone or provider (Vodafone) - The hotline is overwhelmed (cannot solve the problem), keeps claiming that they would send out the SMS and then it wouldn't lie with them - in addition, the hotline calls break off after a certain time after a.
  • Discuss SMS has stopped working! in the Nokia N85 Forum Forum in the area of ​​Older Nokia Symbian Devices; Hello, I haven't been able to send text messages with my N85 for a few days and neither can.
  • But what if the registration doesn't work? Ideally, you should protect your PayPal account with two-factor authentication (2FA). Even losing or compromising your password is no big deal: In addition to the password, you then have to enter a different number code over and over again, which PayPal sends you via SMS. But what if this text message fails to appear? To.
  • Hello! Since yesterday's Skype update, the SMS function is gone! According to the support page, the SMS function should be stored on the bottom left of the page of the respective contact behind the +, but since g = there are only such useless icons as weather, money, media ...
  • Hello dear community, I have a problem with my S7 edge. I can neither send nor receive SMS. Since I never really need SMS, it didn't bother me, but now I need it. I have already tried a lot such as sending without mobile data (i.e. only in WLAN), or nu ..
  • A normal SMS works. I only use the SIM card in connection with WLAN, which ... 1 Ideur7 1 7 months 417th me. ZTE Axon 9 Pro - Standard SIM for SMS I have the ZTE Axon 9 Pro and I also have 2 SIM cards in it. While I use SIM1 to make calls, SIM 2 is for the data tariff. The ... 1 i 1 1 year 639. hejola. Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite - Cannot receive or send SMS.

iPhone Won't Send SMS: Here's How To Solve It

Use the various setting options to get the most out of the SMS and MMS service. Decide for yourself which mobile phone number you would like to use as the standard number for this service or whether you would like to be notified by SMS for incoming e-mails. Use the statistics functions to keep an eye on costs. I can send SMS but not receive one. If you drive 2 km to the neighboring town, the SMS suddenly arrive. My wife has the same problem (also Aldi-Talk). The expensive hotline only meant. Upgrade Your Laptop to Fit Your Needs. Shop All Styles & Get the Power of Intel® Core comment 1 Comments on Android Messages: SMS notifications no longer work reliably after an update Dani says: September 25, 2017 at 8:01 pm. With SMS I have that up to.

SMS does not work anymore Telekom helps Communit

  1. First of all, you should check whether your phone has reception: SMS cannot be received without a connection to the cellular network. If necessary, also check whether the SIM card is activated for receiving SMS messages. Wait a moment, then click Resend
  2. If the sending of short messages does not work, it is often because the number of the short message center is stored incorrectly in the mobile phone / smartphone. The short message center (SMSC for short) is responsible for storing, forwarding, converting and delivering SMS
  3. Registration via SMS to a replacement telephone number is not possible. This can happen if you log in differently than usual, e.g. B. from another location. You may need to move close to your primary phone or other trusted device to log into your replacement phone
  4. In this way, it can be tested whether this malfunction is related to your mobile phone or the SIM card. Unfortunately, you cannot view or change the SMS center on iPhones via the mobile phone settings. Since the SMS dispatch otherwise works, it should not actually be stored incorrectly. However, you can change this setting using a GSM code. This is ** 5005 * 7672 * 00491710760000

smsTAN: I am not receiving any text messages

  1. Unfortunately, I can no longer send SMS. I have (hopefully) set the number of the SMS center correctly: +491760000443. Today I wanted to send an SMS, but it didn't work.
  2. You can now choose from various payment options in the Google Play Store. This includes not only payment with credit, which you top up beforehand using a Play Store card, but now also PayPal and cell phone credit. When we recently tried to buy a paid app in the Play Store, only the message The SMS came up.
  3. SMS are not supported in your region. The phone number may be associated with too many game accounts. The remedy here is to use the authenticator app instead of SMS authentication. With the app you can approve authentication requests without the SMS function of your mobile phone
  4. Money SMS is a free Android app that allows you to automatically earn money online from your mobile by receiving SMS. Works on Android devices Our application is exclusively Android-based, as only Android devices allow the apps to read SMS
  5. Deactivate iMessage on the iPhone and reboot the same. Start iMessage on the Mac. Then switch iMessage on again on the iPhone. Now it took a while until the option for SMS forwarding was there again, but then it worked. Turn it on and the code popped up on both the Macs and the iPad

Not working properly. If the malfunctioning app is an instant app, try these troubleshooting steps. Start your smartphone after each step. The only problem is that the thread creator wants to send the SMS automatically - but only a message appears for automations that use the time of day trigger. It could be solved like this: Set a do not disturb schedule to turn on or off at 6 a.m. Now this can be used as a trigger. There can be various reasons. For example, the recipient's cell phone could be switched off, have no reception or be defective. If the recipient has activated call barring for all incoming connections, he will not receive any SMS more. We try 48 hours that SMS to deliver to the recipient. Then we delete them From one day to the next, suddenly the person I send the most text messages to could no longer receive my text messages. Telephoning works in both directions. I get your text message. My mobile phone also confirms that the SMS has been sent (they are also in the Sent folder), but they never reach the person. Tried until now

Fix problems receiving SMS - SMSGott

  • This SMS does not arrive, of course, as the basic problem still persists. On the hotline, the problem described was apparently tackled according to a checklist. Obviously it is not intended that there can be problems that cannot be solved according to the checklist
  • She receives SMS from other cell phones. Her normal cell phone, which she used to use with WhatsApp, has stupidly cracked on the display and can no longer be used, so we can no longer test it there
  • g fees, you can just hug and hug to your heart's content when you feel like it and don't have to languish in a listener. And in the.
  • An SMS-TAN never arrives. On the other hand, everything works perfectly via the website. Since the TAN procedure can no longer be reset to the TAN list or SecureTAN after the changeover to SMS-TAN, I advise everyone to wait with the changeover. According to the description, the mobile app with the SMS-TAN procedure should no longer work either. I have already made a request to customer service regarding usability with financial software
  • AW: Aldi Talk - SMS are not arriving. I can send SMS but not receive any. If you drive 2 km to the neighboring town, the SMS suddenly arrive. My wife has the same problem (also Aldi-Talk)

Questions & Answers - I cannot send SMS or

  • Ending cellular standards.
  • Has my SMS been read or not? How can I find out if my SMS has been read? Regardless of whether iPhone or Android, even if many people nowadays use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger rather than writing an SMS, the short messages are still used, for example if you want to quickly tell someone who does not use instant messenger these days
  • SMS (Short Message Service) is used to transmit short messages over the cell phone network with a maximum of 160 characters. In the meantime, SMS is not only available for the cell phone network, but also as fixed network SMS. This technology has been available in Germany since 1996 and has been used more and more from year to year
  • No Internet: If your phone has no Internet connection, WhatsApp verification will not work. The best thing to do is to go to a website in your browser. If it charges normally, the connection is intact
  • I can receive an SMS from another cell phone. I restarted my phone. Still does not work. How long should I wait for a TAN number? Mobile number has been updated at Sberbank. Reply ↓ Raimund on August 25, 2017 at 7:49 am said: There was a malfunction at an SMS provider that affected certain providers. You don't have to wait longer than 5 minutes for the SMS.
  • It can also be that the called subscriber has deactivated the function. Of course, he has the option of ensuring that others do not know when he can be reached again. For example, he protects his privacy and does not have one phone call after the other. If this has deactivated the feature, then you can wait in vain for an SMS. In this case.
  • Since the day before yesterday I can no longer make calls or surf the Internet. I can write and receive SMS. Network should be available. I also reach the emergency number. And the o2.

Why does the Free SMS not arrive at ComputerBase Foru everywhere

If there is no code via SMS, you can try email after logging in again. In the past, it was obviously possible to enter a telephone number, but in our attempts the one from the profile was always used. The corresponding solution to use an SMS receiving service with a fixed number does not work, so claiming that SMS should work. Strange, Strange. Harald. Ingo Moch 2011-06-08 18:30:22 UTC. Permalink [SMS-Zentrale MobilcomDebitel (D2)] I wrote to you by e-mail and also by fax. Revocation. Maybe I'll try again to give you a landline number, but there is a problem, the SMS should go very quickly, because the estate of the SMS depends on one SMS. Is it possible to read SMS messages without installation? Certainly! This would be particularly relevant for SMS spying on iPhone, for which special technology was developed that does not require downloading or installation. According to this method, contact with the mSpy server is realized through iCloud. The user then receives the new data from the monitored iPhone within 24 hours as soon as the information is securely copied to iCloud. So the following applies: SMS arrives = works. SMS does not arrive = does not work. By the way: If you are logged in on several devices, you will of course receive the SMS on all devices. Sometimes the SMS reception works for a service, sometimes not. Why? The senders use different ways to send SMS. The first SMS is sent one way, the second completely different. Re: SMS does not arrive when you log in or are logged in. You can make settings via security. There then choose whether standard SMS or code with another app authentication. On the part of PayPal it is also there (e.g. either Google or Microsoft Authenticator)

SMS has stopped working - Android help

The PayPal SMS dispatch does not work for me either! Usually no SMS arrives, but sometimes it does, and at the beginning it was also possible for the SMS registration, otherwise the registration would not have worked. I have already written to PayPal, but have not received an answer. We help with questions about contracts, orders and usage. You can also find out more about the repair service, mobile phone purchase and insurance. Edit: Just read that this is about Classic Games - I'm 0 on the forums - so I don't know my way around here - so sorry in advance - if I do Accumulated wrong here. Apart from that - cell phone verification - doesn't that count as technical support? Since I don't want to wait hours for customer service, I'll write here again. My tariff.

Of course, the provider cannot do that because, on the one hand, he has no insight into your private life, and on the other hand, such proof fails simply because you never send such SMS. Hello! Can't send and download MMS when I receive it. Have a Samsung model SM-G390F. When I want to download the message, this annoying gyro appears for a few minutes before the message comes up that the service is currently not available and that I should try later. SMS cannot be sent to a certain number, cannot send an SMS to send certain number,, cannot send sms to a certain number,, iphone does not send sms to certain. What is possible is short information that is not urgent or contains an appointment. Negative example: Meet us in 2 hours at Picass Of course you can remove the tick in front of the e-mail, but then the forwarding of the SMS no longer works. Reply Devil-D October 21, 2014, 1:26 pm Now I can no longer query anything via SMS at Postfinance (balance, movements, etc.)! Previously with Salt we went without problems. I hope UPC will fix it as soon as possible. Greeting. Cosimo. Lykai120. I honestly find it a mess something as important as that just doesn't work? and it is not even stated when signing the contract I see myself to be honest.

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