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Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Fishing Reel

Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Fishing Reel

If you're looking for the challenge and thrill of setting a new personal record with a species that is cunning, sneaky, and bellicose, you need top-notch gear to be prepared for whatever the water and its inhabitants throw up against you.

For decades, Daiwaeiner has been the recognized leader in the world of fishing equipment, thanks in particular to its fishing reels, which are the first choice for anglers of all disciplines. With the SS2600, Daiwa has demonstrated its commitment to breakthrough functionality. A conical, long-stroke spool allows you to easily eject it over almost any distance. This 350 g reel can hold an impressive 150 meters and 5.5 kg on line, so that you have almost complete freedom over any type of water and are a worthy opponent of the local fish with their tricks and pitfalls. A spring-loaded, oversized pull allows for smooth, simple operation, so you can hook quick and hard catches with ease and even the most aggressive fish won't escape you. A positive action roller release on the bail arm helps to avoid blasting off, so that even inexperienced anglers who are still practicing precise casting can enjoy the reward of a gentle, calm presentation.

If you're into a fair fight with big fish, the 5.5: 1 gear ratio gives you the freedom and line strength to take on even the largest and most unruly fish that snatch your bait without putting yourself at a disadvantage need to feel.

This is the ultimate multifunctional fishing technique with a wide range of adjustments that offers exceptional versatility. This gives you the greatest possible head start over the fish of your choice, no matter what waters you usually fish in and what conditions you are facing. Stainless steel ball bearings give this Daiwa reel exceptional durability for regular, intensive use in rough waters and against stubborn fish, while handling remains supple so that you can make even a tough hauling in look like child's play. When you're dealing with fish determined to stay in the water, having the right equipment will make all the difference between setting a new personal record or losing the fish.

With its precision processing for guaranteed reliable performance and tremendous versatility on the bank, the SS2600 not only looks stunning, it is also easy to use and powerful in action. In appealing, subtle gold and classic black, your fishing skills are not the only reason for positive attention on the bank.

The SS2600 has a durable bail spring, precision worm gear, one-touch folding handle, precision click adjustment, an aluminum spool for wide casting and a cut-resistant SIC line winder, giving you the versatility, practical and precise performance you need when you need it You are hunting by the water. Specialist angling is all about knowing where to look for the fish, 'reading' the weather and water conditions, adapting to local characteristics, the right technique and technology.

With the Daiwa SS2600 Tournament Whisker Reel, the technology area is ticked off and you are in a great starting position to develop the perfect technique for excellent performance.

Dare to do big things, cast strong and hunt the toughest fish in the wildest waters with the Daiwa SS 2600 Tournament Whisker Reel that looks great and works even better. Benefit from high quality, expertly manufactured, precision equipment that will naturally improve your existing technique and enjoy the happiness of catching the fish you have dreamed of throughout your fishing career. Do it well - take advantage of Daiwa.