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How do you translate this image processing from Matlab to OpenCV? (1)

The link below uses Matlab to remove non-text content from an image. I want to do the same with OpenCV in Java.

I don't have a Matlab to try out and I'm new to OpenCV. However, while I know some basics about the theory behind the process, it is difficult to do the translation from Matlab to OpenCV 3.0. And preferably in Java.

ADD 1 - area detection with MSER (not yet fixed)

For MSER detection, I can use the following code to detect the MSER key points.


And the output looks like this:

But I don't know how to convert key points into regions. What i need is below:

ADD 2 - Canny edges and crossing with MSER regions (not yet solved)

As soon as I am able to find the MSER regions, I should. I can find some canny edges like below. But I don't know how I do that.

My canny edging output looks like this:

ADD 3 - Now I've reached out to the VS 2013 community

To set up OpenCV with VS2013, click here.

ADD 4 - coding in VC ++ 2013

Below is what I've tried with reference to here now.

What I have are these:

Add 5

I just experimented with the text detection sample as from. It takes some trained model files to run. And it took almost 2 minutes to finish, but we can leave the show later. My scenario is to create texts from complex screenshots to decipher (this has to be revealed by now). Although the result is pretty good for natural scenes. It's not that appealing for screenshots. Below is the result: