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Bolsonaro endangers world health : Who will hold Brazil's ruthless president accountable?

A Brazilian politician is now sounding the alarm. In view of the irresponsible Corona policy of President Jair Bolsonaro, ex-Justice Minister Cardozo demands that the man should "atone" for the thousands of deaths. There were 63,000 in March alone.
Bolsonaro ignores that.

The gambler does not want to hear anything about the country's health experts calling desperately for lockdown. Cardoso called the President's actions "barbarism" and demanded that the international community intervene. Correct. But what can it do? The international criminal justice system can no more classify Bolsonaro's denial of the pandemic as mass murder or failure to provide assistance than as a crime against humanity. To do this, he would have to prove his intention, and that will not work.

Nowhere is the lack of supranational systems of order more evident than in a pandemic. Containing the virus that spread from a market in China into the wide world became everyone's job. So every government is to a certain extent the government of everyone else on earth, and is accountable to everyone - and most of all the greatest. Because the dimension of a state plays an important role.

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The virus knows no borders, it has no nationality and no passport. And no nation is an island, especially not a gigantic state like Brazil. What is neglected there has global repercussions, as did Bolsonaro's ruthlessness in torching the Amazon rainforests. Their destruction damages the world climate, just as Brazil's threatening handling of Corona damages world health.

The more mutants, the greater the risk of resistance

Brazil is currently specifically risking the spread of the corona mutant P1, which originated in the Amazon metropolis of Manaus. Mutants only thrive in infected bodies, these are their greenhouses. From there they jump over to other bodies, and since people are mobile, from continent to continent. The more mutants that spread, the greater the risk of escape variants that “escape” from vaccines and against which current vaccines do little or nothing. The result is even more deaths, and billions more are needed for new vaccine developments and vaccination campaigns.

Brazil's government simply accepts the virus attack on its own people - and on the populations of other countries as well. But they shouldn't accept that. There will hardly be an international corona court that could clarify and condemn, if only because of the highly complex evidence. But clear economic and political signals in the direction of Bolsonaro are needed.

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