My nose burns when I yawn

My throat hurts & comma; when I swallow & comma; do I go to school & quest;

Hi folks, actually my throat doesn't just hurt when I swallow it hurts all the time .. My nose is often closed, my throat burns a lot when I talk & I also had a fever today .., I have a cough, sometimes a headache .. Could it be tomorrow

Hi guys and have an otitis media at the time and my throat hurts too & comma; when I swallow and have like a lump in my throat & quest;

This is normal as inflammation can "migrate" and affect other regions as well. If the otitis media is gone, the pain in the throat should also be gone.

My throat hurts & comma; When I get up

Hello people, my neck always hurts when I get up and I swallow what should I do; (Nose blocked, you breathe through your mouth and your throat dries up. In the evening, put a glass of water in front of you, what you drink first in the morning, then is it

My chest hurts & comma; when i cough

So I'm pretty sick, have a headache, fever, have a cold, have a cold and cough .. So and when I cough, my chest always hurts, is that normal? Right there at the heart I already have breathing problems but that's because of my bad

My knee hurts & comma; when I go up the stairs & comma; my left knee is loading too much & comma; see below

quickly walk down the stairs, walk a lot, now what ?? To the doctor? What does he tell me what I have? It hurts since school sport, basketball smear your knee with voltaren, kytta ointment or something like that, do physiotherapy, go to the doctor and get a rön

My heart hurts & comma; when I play sports & quest;

Just had hiccups and with every hiccup my heart hurt, why do you know it's your heart that hurts? Did you do a cardiogram? Or have you had heart problems in the past? So with hiccups and Sc

My throat hurts & comma; when he pulls out of his head and can hardly breathe

Cervical blockage. I tap on the C2 vertebra and one or more in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, which radiate the pain to the chest via the ribs when I breathe in. Go to a chiropractor or a good osteopath.

My head hurts & comma; when I turn it to the left & comma; has already had a hot water bottle and has already salted it with ointment & comma; but it doesn't get any better & quest;

Help, I have this so often and it's really bad I know that

My triceps are a bit bigger and hurt & comma; when I press & period; What should I do & quest;

Nice him for a day or two

My left hand hurts & comma; when I move it & period;

Had a soccer tournament yesterday, I was goalkeeper and my opponent shot the ball really hard and I wanted to catch the ball, I touched it and now my left hand hurts when I move it! Is my hand sprained? I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday

My throat hurts when swallowing & period; What can I do & quest;

Moin, my throat hurts sometimes when I swallow. What can I do against it? Drink a lot and talk little? Greetings SLENDERMAN2OOO Drink a lot (water, tea) and spare your voice is okay. The warm milk with honey is good, but don't practice the honey

2 question & colon; I got a little sick, my nose is blocked and my throat hurts a little

Hello first question I got a little sick my nose is blocked and my throat hurts a bit what should I do to get well by tomorrow second question if I shower in the evening and my hair doesn’t blow dry my neck wth the next day

I was choked on the neck & period; My throat hurts from the inside & period; When does the pain go away & quest;

Hello, yesterday I pounded with a boy who was as old as me (15) was very heavy and tall and he choked me very hard so I couldn't breathe anymore. I now have places on my neck and the places where he pressed

My throat hurts & comma; I can't swallow properly & quest;

Heyy, I've had this terrible sore throat for 4 days that I had on April 23, 2016. When I swallow it hurts and yesterday I had a headache. Can someone tell me what exactly I have? In fact, I can

My throat hurts & comma; how can i get it back & quest;

My neck is totally rough when I swallow it hurts a bit and drinking (water) doesn't help either, what should I do to stop it only drink warm :) Take some coughing candy in your mouth and put on a scarf. And already should

My knee board on the left side crunches after golf practice and it hurts & comma; when I'm strongly angled halfway & comma; do I have to wait for the doctor straight away & quest;

After 30 ball golf training with a strong backswing, there was initially a slight pain. I then continued to train. The pain got worse with every swing until it was unbearable. Then I went home and my knee started to k

My ring finger has a swelling at the end of the joint and it hurts & comma; when I press the nail & period; What could it be & quest;

As already described in the question. I can stretch and tighten my finger, but if you listen carefully, you can hear a crunch when I put it on! At the moment I can neither lift nor push things! Can you help me? I have

My left eye hurts & comma; when I press it and sometimes & comma; when I blink it's red and puffy and there's a little white dot & quest;

Is that dangerous? Should I go to the family doctor right away? Or is that also possible if I go to the ophthalmologist on Monday? I can only go to the ophthalmologist on Monday. But if it's something bad, I could go to the family doctor tomorrow. Hello, It seems to be here

From abdominal training my throat hurts - & period; - & comma; normal & quest;

My throat hurts from abdominal training -.-, is that normal? Do you hold your hands by the neck ?! If so, then you have to do another exercise. My trainer in the gym said I shouldn't hold on to my body at all, but my hands p