Crying in vain means something

in vain (German)

Part of speech: adjective

positive vain, Comparative , Superlative
in vain, No increase
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [fɛɐ̯ˈɡeːplɪç]
Word meaning / definition:
1) resulting in failure
Origin of the term:
Central German in vain (documented since the 15th century), Middle High German forgivable
structural: derivation from the stem of the verb forgive (in the sense of failure) with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -ly
1) pointless; pointless; useless; in vain
Related terms:
1) for free
Opposite words:
1) successful
Application examples:
1) All attempts to save our relationship turned out to be vain.
1) “In the picture of his boulder vain Finally, Sisyphus wallowing uphill, the plague of the arduous, gravity-driven climb is interpreted as a punishment deliberately imposed on mortals by the gods. "
Word formations:


  • English: 1) futile, in vain
  • French: 1) Adjective:vain, Adverb: en vain, vainement
  • Greek (new): 1) μάταιος (máteos)
  • Dutch: 1) tevergeefs
  • Polish: 1) nadaremnie
  • Swedish: 1) förgäves, fåfäng
  • Slovenian: 1) zamanj, hopeless: zanič
  • Spanish: 1) infructuoso

Similar terms:

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

The perpetrators had from the man vain demanded his valuables.
Kölnische Rundschau, September 10, 2018

Police initially searched with the help of a helicopter vain after him.
Mopo, March 14, 2019

Rescue fought vain for the boy's life. Bim had initiated emergency braking before the accident., January 15, 2019

RAAB. While in other communities house builders vain Raab is looking for growth., 23 August 2018

Has an alliance of GLP, Greens and SVP vain tries to floor the tax reform in the National Council., September 13, 2018

A thief has in Leipzig vain tries to get to the cash box of a ticket machine.
GMX, February 24, 2020

Some have slept well even though they haven't slept. The others are waiting vain on the senile escape from bed.
Frankfurter Rundschau, September 27, 2020

Zoo staff tried vain to help her colleague.
Kleine Zeitung, 4th July 2020

Animal rights activists have been taking action for decades vain for a ban on the consumption of game meat, especially in the People's Republic of China. So far vain - but now the Corona virus is helping them.
Luxemburger Wort, March 03, 2020

Libya: Warlord Haftar seeks military defeat vain take a break from fighting.
young world, 3rd May 2020

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Grammar / declensions

Inflection vain - The declension of the adjective vain

definite article
Masculinethe vain oneof the in vainthe in vainthe in vain
Femininethe vain onethe vainthe vainthe vain one
neuterthe futileof the in vainthe in vainthe futile
Pluralwhich are in vainthe vainthe in vainwhich are in vain
indefinite article
Masculinea futile oneone in vainone in vainone in vain
Femininea vain oneone in vainone in vaina vain one
neutera vain oneone in vainone in vaina vain one
without article
Masculinemore in vainin vainin vainin vain
Femininein vainmore in vainmore in vainin vain
neuterin vainin vainin vainin vain
Pluralin vainmore in vainin vainin vain

Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • (on / with someone / something is) Hops and malt lost (coll.)
  • to be able to save (coll.)
  • to be able to save the trouble (coll.)
  • not worth (coll.)
  • nothing except expenses: something remained unsuccessful, with no results
  • nothing comes around (coll., sloppy)
  • nothing comes around (coll.)
  • unsuccessful: without success
  • fruitless (legal German) (technical jargon)
  • frustrated (medical) (technical)
  • for the ass (rough)
  • for the cat
  • for the bin
  • for nothing and again for nothing
  • can you bend (coll.)
  • can you forget
  • not worthwhile
  • without success
  • for free: without consideration, without having to pay money; without success, in vain; negated: not without reason, not without a purpose
  • forgiven love effort (coll.)
  • in vain: leading to no success
  • fruitless labor of love (coll.)
  • lost time
  • you can forget (coll.)
  • stillborn child (fig.)
  • stillborn child (fig.)
  • (good) for the bin
  • (from the start) doomed to failure
  • Waste: Defective printed sheets or printed products that have become unusable; Waste paper, waste in the paper industry; Colloquially: nonsense
  • hopeless (main form): with no prospect / hope of success or success
  • does not bring anything (coll.)
  • leads to nothing
  • for the ass (vulg.)
  • for the cat
  • has no value
  • hopeless endeavor
  • illusory: not realistic; based only on hopes; pointless, impossible
  • no option
  • have no sense
  • Does not make any sense
  • have no purpose
  • have no purpose
  • not feasible
  • nothing to be done
  • with no prospect of success
  • without meaning or purpose
  • pointless: being meaningless, being a meaningless or ill-considered statement, being out of context, referring to a lack of meaning, being without purpose, without reason
  • in vain: without consideration, without having to pay money; without success, in vain; negated: not without reason, not without a purpose
  • nonsensical: not useful, incomprehensible with common sense; very, excessively, also: exaggerated
  • wittless (coll.)
  • lead to nothing
  • to be good for nothing
  • pointless: without producing a useful result
  • does not bring anything (coll.)
  • unsuccessful: without success
  • fruitless: bearing no fruit, bringing no success; without increase: producing no fruit
  • frustr.
  • ineffective: with little or no effect (in relation to the effort made, to the resources used)
  • you can give yourself (coll.)
  • useless: of no use, of little or no use, of no use; without the desired effect
  • blunt sword (fig.)
  • ineffective: general: no effect; an act that has no consequence; something that does not change anything and which leaves the before and after indistinguishable; Law / legal transaction: without effect; certain things have no legal consequences
  • lossy: associated with financial losses; associated with military losses
  • high loss
  • ineffective: having no effect; an act that doesn't change anything

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moon: ... face that can be recognized with the naked eye and without tools refers to barking at the moon - in vain to scold something unalterable Typical word combinations: 2) decreasing ...

cat: ... reveal to be quick as a cat - to be especially quick for the cat - to be unnecessary, in vain, to be in vain with someone to play cat and mouse - to someone apparently freedom ...

commitment:… Use of weapons, police operations, aid operations Examples of use: 1) The operation was in vain because the perpetrators had already searched the distance. 2) The use of music lagged at the beginning ...

put: make someone independent put someone in the shade - clearly surpass someone upside down - try very hard (mostly in vain) facts / facts / things etc

Snowball fight: ... the fifteen-year-old Don Gracia and with them a girl dressed in blue fur who tried in vain to separate the two fighters, while another Damigella in ...

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