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How to puncture a stall

A stall is a painful, reddish swelling that occurs at the base of the lashes, under or inside the eyelid. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection in the lubricating glands. Bacteria are eliminated naturally through the natural lubrication of the eye. However, this process can be stopped if the gland is blocked. A stable can be hardened by repeatedly applying hot compresses. In special cases, treatment requires the use of antibiotics or a surgical procedure called a puncture. These are the instructions for this procedure that you will see in the following section.

Step 1

Place the disposable surgical drape over the patient's head, leaving their eye visible. Also, leave your nose and mouth uncovered so he can breathe normally.

step 2

Squeeze a small amount of alcohol or betadine onto a sterile gauze pad. Carefully clean the pigsty and the surrounding area. Be careful not to reach the patient's eye.

step 3

Fill the hypodermic needle with lidocaine and inject a small amount into the eyelid near the pig pen. Make sure you inject lidocaine into all four ends of the pig pen to ensure that the patient's eyelid is getting adequate sleep. Wait five to ten minutes for the drug to take effect.

Step 4

Gently squeeze the eyelid around the stye. Hold the forceps with your nondominant hand to stabilize the eyelid during the procedure.

Step 5

Make a small incision in the yellow or white head of the sty; it indicates the presence of the clogged gland. Set the scalpel aside and use sterile pieces of gauze to absorb any material released from the sty. If the swelling is still there, apply light pressure around the sty to stop the drainage process.

Step 6

Carefully loosen the clamp.

Step 7

Squeeze a small amount of alcohol or betadine onto a sterile gauze pad. Gently wipe the incision site, but do not put gauze inside.

Step 8

Position the eye patch over the patient's eye and secure it with the tape. Instruct the patient to keep the dressing for two to three hours.

Step 9

Give the patient a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. The remedy can be used for a period of five days.